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2012 Gift Giving Guide: 6 Simple Gifts with Mother Earth in Mind

Written by Jesse Richardson on December 15, 2012 with No Comments

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Conscious Christmas GiftsIt’s that time of year again. The bells start ringing, everyone’s houses begin to smell like a Douglas fir, and we each feel compelled to gift something meaningful to our loved ones. There are a lot of good gifts out there, but few of us have the financial freedom to buy everything.

Here are 6 gifts we’re really excited about at Organic Soul! Check them out!

Number 1. Conscious Box

Okay, we’re suckers for subscriptions. It’s the gift that keeps giving – but seriously! It comes every month! Conscious Box has introduced us to literally DOZENS of unique, passion-driven companies that make the purest products on the planet. From companies like Lush Gourmet Foods to Raw! Revolution to Earth Friendly Products to Natural Vitality…. you get the idea.

GIFT IT! Sign up here to receive a December Conscious Box before Christmas. There’s also an option to get a FREE BOX. Yup, free.

Number 2. Green Cookware

It’s important to have your whole house shift toward sustainability. That means everything – right down to your pots and pans. Check out this 12-piece Green Gourmet set of cookware by Cuisinart. Free of PTFE and PFOA (both are nasty chemical non-stick coatings) and made with 70 percent recycled stainless steel, this is one gift option that is great for the family chef.

Number 3. Stainless Steel Composting

We waste nearly 40 percent of our food supply, from farm to fork. We EACH need to help curb that, especially when so many go hungry and our environment has become so decrepit because of the stress landfills apply to our ecosystems. Solution?

Get a compost. It’s simple. Super simple. Woodland Direct has Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Pail that’s easy to maintain, is functionally sound, and isn’t an eyesore. Reasonably priced around $40 makes this an easy investment for the environment. Plus, you get some rich nutrients for that garden of yours!

Number 4. The Classic Balance Ball

Posture isn’t just important – it’s critical. Too often, we’re stuck with unsupportive chairs that don’t exactly come ergonomically sound. Ditch ‘em! Instead, get a posture perfect balance ball. Balance Ball Chairs are great for those just learning. However – and this is a BIG however – there are improper ways to sit on these balls. Check out what Dr. Berka suggests for learning the right way.

Number 5. Organic Cotton Thick and Thirsty Towels

Want something simple and practical for your family? Mine as well go with Organic Cotton Towels. Super soft, absorbent, eco-friendly, and 100 percent organic. These will be used everyday, all year long – be it for the shower, swimming events in summer, or laying on the beach. Once you feel the lush organic cotton, you’ll know why they’re superior to everything else!

Number 6. The Reflexology Wellness Slide

Maybe the person you’re gifting something too is stressed. Maybe they seem to always be holding their lower back, complaining of stiffness and pains. A great solution is better foot ware, and great food ware is found in the Reflexology Wellness Slide (it’s a shoe, not a slip-n-slide). These break up tension, reduce swelling and relieve nerve tightness, and are contoured to fit and “massage” your feet with dozens of little fingers. These make a GREAT gift and really do work well!

Make this Christmas a Conscious One

We hope you’re able to find some excellent gifts this season. Whatever you choose to give, be sure it also represent how YOU feel about the environment, sustainability, and making the healthy, conscious choice. Consumerism, while often suffering from a bad wrap, can be an engine of change. Let’s each flex our dollars and show Santa what we’re made of!

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