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3 Words to Help You Make a Mantra

Written by Kim Fuller on July 13, 2012 with 1 Comment

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Photo by Philip Dyer

Summer is in full bloom and beaming, and you may find yourself feeling the same way.

No matter the season, however, it’s only natural to move through times of both ease and difficulty.

Some days will be smooth and satisfying, and others will feel rough and weighty. The sun may not always be shining, but you can always give yourself the boost you need to brighten your day.

Mantras are words or phrases that are repeated to develop and sustain significance, and can be used to help you create personal transformation. They have been used in the realms of Eastern traditions and religions, but you can incorporate them into your daily life however you choose.

Your mantras can be a form of positive reinforcement, and they can also function as a means of personal or spiritual reflection.

We want to offer you three words to help you develop your own mantra this May. You can combine the words or use them separately, or you may choose to use them within the context of a goal you have been working towards.

Take some time to write them down and work with them. Use the power of language to help direct your state of mind to a more grounded sense of purpose and personal contentment.


Your body and your mind require attention and care, and not a day should go by when you don’t think about ways you can give back to yourself.

Maintain your health by moving your body and eating nourishing food. Maintain your growing mind by always being open to learning new things and challenging your perspective. Maintain your relationships by giving others love, support and compassion.


In our desires to find meaning and happiness, too often we can become caught in patterns of excess or deprivation. The essence of our world can be lost amidst personal imbalance.

Use moderation to help you explore every facet of your life and the world around you. It will take consciousness and practice to understand what is too much or too little for you—whether that be with people, food, time or space. Show yourself compassion when you feel unbalanced, and do whatever you need to find that middle ground again.


The only thing that can stand in the way of your dreams is apathy towards them. Find what gives you motivation and follow its lead. In the times when you find it hard to take a steps toward your dreams, reach inside yourself for the motivation to keep moving.

You can only rely on yourself, not others, to stay focused in the direction you want to go. Use motivation to push past the risks, challenges, discomforts and fears that will inevitably arise.

Write down mantras where you will see them often, and maybe even put them in places where they will serve as frequent reminders, such as in your wallet, on a bookmark or on your refrigerator. Make this May a month when you will create mantras to help you seek newfound transformation in your life.

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  1. While doing most activities, especially when I am outside jogging, I repeat over and over: “There is no god but God.” Keeps me centered on what really matters in life.

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