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Real Evolution Yoga

Real Evolution Yoga—Teacher Training

Become a certified yoga teacher and bold leader within your life and your community. Real Evolution Yoga is offering Stage I Teacher Training from January 26 until February 2, 2013 at Peace Retreat Costa Rica.

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6 Tips To Light Up Love

What a special gift we have as humans to be able to experience love with one another. Don’t you think? Here’s some tips on how to experience more love in your daily life.


Your Role In Relationships

Surprise, YOU are the instrumental thread that weaves the fabric of your relationships. Read Taylor EyeWalker’s honest and personal reflection.

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What Moves Me

Andrea Bentley reflects on a recent military move. She writes on how love can sometimes lead to change and challenge, but is actually what always keeps our hearts close to home.

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6 Tips On Making Your Dreams A Reality

Read Chloe Park’s piece on finding the path that helps your follow your heart.


SOULSPEAK: Interview with Lori Painter

This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series SOULSPEAK

Lori Painter is a life coach and a mom of two beautiful children who she says teach her as much lessons as life does. Read her interview with Juno Cristi.

Sex, Sales, and the Invention of 'Sexy'

Sex, Sales, and the Invention of ‘Sexy’

From perfume ads to publicized scandals, it seems like sex is happening everywhere but your bedroom. It’s time to get over that hump.

Turning Off and Tuning In

Turning Off and Tuning In: How To Be Conscious and Connected

You know that sigh of relief that happens when your iPhone moves from the red zone to completely black? That’s called a reality check.

Finding Drishti, Part 3

Finding Drishti: The Making of a Yogi, Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Finding Drishti: The Making of a Yogi

Part three of a series of articles that tracks Yasmine Elli on her developing path towards Yoga.

Peter Sellars

Peter Sellars on Clouds, Clothing, and Reincarnation, Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Peter Sellars on Clouds, Clothing, and Reincarnation

This is part of a collection of articles that presents and makes the teachings of Peter Sellars applicable to healthy living.