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Yoga on the beach

See The Real Evolution Yoga Experience

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Real Evolution Yoga methodology incorporates yoga, human development principles, somatics and scientific research on vitality and longevity. In this video, see what the REY experience is all about.

Real Evolution Yoga

Real Evolution Yoga—Teacher Training

Become a certified yoga teacher and bold leader within your life and your community. Real Evolution Yoga is offering Stage I Teacher Training from January 26 until February 2, 2013 at Peace Retreat Costa Rica.


“Don’t Fear Change. Change Fear.”

An excerpt from Juno Cristi’s new e-book: “Don’t Fear Change. Change Fear.” (A new ‘Pay-What-You-Can’ Book of Reflections) Available now!

Dr. Northrup

SOULSPEAK: Interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup

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She is a world renowned author, pioneer and visionary illuminating women all over the world to flourish. Check out Juno’s interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup!

Barn In Winter

Seeing Light In The Darkness Of Struggle

John Wayne Smith writes on his personal struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He shares an episode that reveals his pain, but also sheds light on his path to recovery.

Sutras Book

What’s A Yogi? A Deeper Understanding

The essence of being a Yogi/Yogini is more than just moving on a mat. Kristina Kuzmich writes on understanding and living by a code of conduct that is of both traditional and modern yogic philosophy.

Taylor EyeWalker

Get To Know Taylor EyeWalker

With the intention of feeling more vibrancy, joy and clarity in every moment, Taylor’s path has led her to an earth based ritual practice embracing new consciousness paradigm.

Chloe Park

Get To Know A Featured Soul: Chloe Park

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Chloe Park is an artist, holistic healing practitioner and yoga & meditation instructor. She is currently traveling the world to share her message of unconditional love and self-healing. Organic Soul is honored to have her as a Featured Soul!


To Live In Faith, Or To Live In Fear

Rapid evolution comes about when we courageously step into the present moment without a desire as to how we think things should be.


SOULSPEAK: Interview with Lori Painter

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Lori Painter is a life coach and a mom of two beautiful children who she says teach her as much lessons as life does. Read her interview with Juno Cristi.