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Sunrise Yoga

Take on the Morning!

Having a good morning is key to having a good day. So how do you take on the morning?

A Sustainable Holiday

Working Toward a Sustainable Christmas

Does Christmas always equal consumption? We’d like to hear from you on how you’re working toward a sustainable holiday season.

My Garden

The Best Part of Your Garden

A garden brings life and demands it from us. It is a push and pull cycle, and at times it can be hard to answer: what’s the best part of your garden?


Why do you eat organic?

Eating organic, local, self-cultivated – why do we do it? Some argue it’s the ethical choice, others argue these are more sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable. Why do you choose organic?


A Sustainable Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time of serious consumption – not to mention the days following it. That said, what measures are you taking to make this epic holiday a bit greener?

Baby Yawning

What do you do to get a good night’s sleep?

I have two real loves in life: food and sleep. While food is pretty easy to work with, I find that sleeping sometimes requires some effort. What do you do to induce the zZz’s?

Teaching Your Child

What lessons are you teaching your child?

The modern world faces challenges in the environment, social justice, and health. Because the future generations will be the ones to deal with these problems when we’re gone, we must be sure they’re well-equipped. What lessons are you teaching your child?


What are you grateful for?

November is here, marking the time to start considering all that has happened. Start asking yourself what you should be grateful for!


How are you spending Halloween weekend?

Halloween is now here! What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

Halloween Snacks

How are you making Halloween healthy?

Every year, you’re faced with mountains of sweets and only willpower in your way. How will you help make this holiday a bit healthier?