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Washing hands with soap and water

Get The Dirt On Hand Soaps

Is the continual desire to sanitize a reasonable ritual or have we become a nation of germaphobes? What if our overuse of chemical disinfectants was actually contributing to the spread of dangerous bacteria?


GMO Law: Big News For the Big Island

The Hawaii County Council passed Bill 113 in a vote of 6 to 3, prohibiting open air cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) anywhere on the Big Island.

Conscious Christmas Gifts

2012 Gift Giving Guide: 6 Simple Gifts with Mother Earth in Mind

It’s that time of year again. Jingle bells, houses smelling of Douglas Fir, and gift giving. Don’t get stuck supporting companies who aren’t keeping Mother Earth in mind – shop conscious this year. Here are 6 simple suggestions!

A Helping Hand

Selfless Acts Of Service

Seva, the selfless act of giving, is what Kristina Kuzmich holds as a catalyst for her upcoming service trip to Nepal with Bridges Between. Read about her intentions for this personal and international endeavor.

Photograph by Hope Ryden, National

Natural Wonders: Monarch Butterflies

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The next time you spot a flash of orange from the fluttering wings of a Monarch, let it remind you of the change and continuity that comes with the seasons.

Abbi Heilig

Get To Know A Featured Soul: Abbi Heilig

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Get To Know A Featured Soul

Abbi has a degree in food science, paired with many years of both teaching and practicing yoga and meditation. She now trots across the globe sharing what she’s learned as a way to live a more happy, loving and productive life.


Get To Know Ronnie Landis

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Meet our newest Featured Soul, Ronnie Landis. He is a man on a mission to contribute to the uplifting of our planet through helping others make radical shifts in their health and food choices.

Maggie and Daddy 2011

SOULSPEAK: Interview with Ben Macrory

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Ben Macrory works at the Green School in Bali, giving international students academic skills and social awareness to be successful and impactful in their world. Read Juno Cristi’s interview with him!

Seaweed salad

Do You Know Where Your Seaweed Comes From?

If you are a sushi fanatic, or just love a seaweed snack, you can eat seaweed in sheets, dried flakes or pill form. Just remember to check where your seaweed is coming from.

Green valley during sunset

10 Reasons To Go Organic

Going organic can mean a lot of things. Most importantly, however, going organic means you’re…