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GMO Law: Big News For the Big Island

The Hawaii County Council passed Bill 113 in a vote of 6 to 3, prohibiting open air cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) anywhere on the Big Island.

Plants in Hands

Horticultural Therapy: Modern Medicine

Read how the growing and caring of plants can act as therapy and improve well-being. Connecting with nature can create personal empowerment and help to tame stress in every area of you life.

Plant a Front Garden

Seed Your Yard, And Eat It Too!

Replace your front lawn and create your front garden! Buying organic is expensive—so grow it. Know exactly what you are eating and where it comes from. Happy growing!


Seaweed Fertilizer for Your Organic Garden

Seaweed is more than the companion to your sushi buffet: it can serve as a powerful organic fertilizer!

An organic garden with fresh compost

How To Create a Compost

Composting is not only environmentally responsible, it also can provide nourishment to your garden to produce happier, healthier plants.

Benefits of peppermint leaves

Grow Your Own Herbal Tea

Herbs in the mint family are quite easy to grow, so start your summer tea garden today! The plant also provides a boost for the bees. Mint provides a good source of pollen, making the herb a popular attraction for honeybees.

Grow Your Own Food

5 Benefits of Being Your Own Farmer

Find out how becoming your own farmer can mean becoming more sustainable, educated, and relaxed. Feed yourself and help support a healthy planet!

Vegetable Patch

Take the Work out of Gardening: 3 Secrets to Simplicity

Tired of working too hard on the garden? Here are some simple secrets that will save you time, energy, and money!

Indoor Herb Garden in window sill

Indoor Gardening: Simple, Delicious, Effective

The benefits of gardening are endless – you supply yourself with your own food, it’s cost efficient, and you develop a skill while having fun. But some people don’t have the space to have their own complete garden… Or do they?

Natural Fertilizer

Make Your Own: Natural, Safe Soil

Worried about the synthetic versions at the gardening store? Skip the manufactured stuff and go with something real!