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You Just Don't Understand!

You Just Don’t Understand!: Women and Men in Conversation

If you’ve ever felt you and your romantic partner speak different languages, you may find solace in Deborah Tannen’s best-selling book. Before you run to the store, though, be wary of a few vital points.

Organic Manifesto

Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe

The Organic Manifesto tells the compelling story of organic farming in our country, how chemical and industrial farming took over, and how we need to get back to our roots.


Get Inspired with BagInspiration

Inspiration is key to change, and BagInspiration is looking to encourage that change through sustainable, practical, and purpose-driven bags.

Garden Party

Help Change the World with Blue Green Planet

Get sustainable, 100 percent recycled birthday cards, growth charts, and much more at Blue Green Planet – saving the world through stationary!

I am grateful book recipes from cafe gratitude.

Cafe Gratitude’s I Am Grateful – Recipes and Lifestyle Book

One of the complaints heard most often regarding the raw food diet is that it can get boring and bland. So many raw foodies get caught up eating simple salads and miss the enjoyment of preparing a fun and inventive meal. Does that describe how you feel? If so, you should check out the recipes [...]

Fresh, organic raw milk

The Untold Story of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid, ND

If you’re here visiting, then you’re probably a food-aware person. You’re aware that organic farming methods provide cleaner foods and promote a healthier world. In Ron Schmid’s book, The Untold Story of Milk, you’ll be introduced to a whole new level of awareness regarding one of the core foods in our diet – milk. [...]