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Hooray for Eco Friendly Crafts for Kids

As any parent can attest, juggling all of life’s demands and trying to find quality time to spend with family is difficult enough before you start trying to come up with and prep for crafty projects (Pinterest be damned!).

Sparklehearts Natural Beauty

Sparklehearts: Working to Make “Natural” Fun

Want to teach your kids about sustainability and better health the easy way? Check out Sparklehearts, a company that is working to make natural fun.

Hi Yoga

Teaching your Child to Build Focus and Health with Hi Yoga

With a simple, 15-minute routine, you can start helping your child build better focus. Find out how with Hi Yoga!

Mixed set of VZ wraps

VZ Wraps: Make Sustainability a Gift!

Wrap your gift up with sustainable love this season! VZ Wraps is making wrapping presents both easy and eco-safe by providing us with reusable bags equipped with 100% recycled plastic bottle ribbons.

K Pour Karite

Healthy Essentials the Organic Way: A Review of K Pour Karite

If you’re looking for organic body care that is both effective and healthy, try out K Pour Karite. With nourishing shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and more, you’ll be able to clean your body without worry of synthetic ingredients or questionable sourcing. Learn more about K Pour Karite today!

Garden Party

Help Change the World with Blue Green Planet

Get sustainable, 100 percent recycled birthday cards, growth charts, and much more at Blue Green Planet – saving the world through stationary!

Children Inspire Design

Children Inspire Designs and Fresh Words Market: Changing the World through Art

Changing the world takes time, endless commitment, and above all else, a passion to work and fight for what you believe in.

Kids Konserve Lunch Kit

Kids Konserve – Remember your R’s

Kids Konserve was developed by two Mothers who wanted to set an example of conservation to their children while empowering them to remember to be examples of change for the future. The company focuses on a waste-free lunch kit but doesn’t stop there. Their site contains informative links that guide you with steps you can [...]


Shains: Say It, Wear It, Mean It

Shains are recycled and recyclable accessories that allow you to use words and symbols that “encourage and empower people to make their own statements.” Even one simple word is effective in elevating your spirit and making you think. The idea of Shains came together as the owner Ewa was driving home in LA traffic. The [...]