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Flavors Of Fall: Honey

Written by Kim Fuller on September 21, 2011 with No Comments

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HoneySeptember is National Honey Month, so what better time to celebrate nature’s sweet fall flavor.

This is the season when a lot of the nation’s honey is harvested, so it seems only natural that you will want to add it to as many dishes and drinks as possible.


Honey is made from the nectar and sweet deposits gathered from plants and trees by the honey bee—a humble creature that is also responsible for the pollination of a substantial amount of our nation’s crops. Americans consume about 1.3 pounds of honey per person, per year, according to the National Honey Board.


Honey is a natural sweetener, so it can be used as a substitute for refined sugar in cooking and baking. Sweeten your tea and coffee with honey instead of white sugar, and replace the sugar in recipes with honey. Give it a try with Organic Soul’s Lemon Honey 3 Grain Banana Bread recipe.

Also, garnish salads with honey-based dressings, and marinate grilled and sauteed vegetables and meats with a little honey to brighten the flavors. Roasted nuts, homemade granola, natural butter and yogurt can also be made a little sweeter with a dash of this flavor.

The versatile treat is as therapeutic as it is delicious, so use it as a health remedy and a natural beauty product this season. Take a look at some other ways that “Mother Nature’s Favorite Sweetener” can be used to promote personal wellness.


There are many different types of honey, depending on the nectar source that the honey bees use. There are over 300 types of honey that are available in the United States, and the different honeys will vary in color, aroma and flavor. Take a look at some honey varietals listed by the National Honey Board.

Generally, the honeys that have a lighter color are milder in flavor, and honeys that are darker in color will have a stronger flavor. You can learn more and locate specific varietals of honey at The Honey Locator. Try to do your best to buy local honey, sourced straight from the plants and trees in your area.

Experiment with different ways you can use honey to make this season even sweeter.


Here is amber honey sweet
In a crystal bowl
Sun kissed food the fairies eat
Nectar for the Soul
Ann Fairbairn

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