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Friday Happy Hour: Make A Date

Written by Kim Fuller on November 18, 2011 with 1 Comment

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Friday Happy Hour is a series consisting of 2 parts.

Ice Skating CoupleYour weekend is nearly here, and the holidays are quickly approaching. Before you know it your weeknights and weekends will be filled with festive gatherings.

Now may be the best time to connect with friends before your seasonal schedule sets in.


It’s easy to lose touch with people, but it doesn’t mean that you have to keep your distance. Think about who you have been missing in your life lately. Rather than feeling guilty about losing contact, take the step to connect with people again.

Find Time To Talk

Don’t just rely on your holiday cards to say hello to the people you love. Take some time to pick up the phone to talk to friends and family before everyone gets busy within the holiday frenzy. If you are thinking about someone and you have a few minutes, call them to catch-up. You don’t need to set aside a whole hour to say hello to someone. If you have an afternoon free, try to make a date to see someone in person; if you have a few minutes, just make a call.

Open Up

Fill some of your free time with connecting to people who you want to get to know a little better. Make a date with someone who intrigues you—you never know how a person can shift your perspective or ignite your inspiration. Make a date with someone today, even if it just means meeting a new friend for coffee or having lunch with a coworker.

Get Creative

Think about all the experiences that you can share with another person—you don’t just have to default to dinner and a movie. Go snowshoeing or ice skating with someone to share the gifts of nature and movement with them. Cook a meal with a friend or work on holiday projects with a family member.

The holidays provide countless opportunities to connect with new and existing people in your community, but just  make sure to make a plan before the holidays get hectic.

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  1. Definitely will do. I’ve been out of touch with too many people that I love. It’s time to do something about that. Thank you Kim! I needed to that :)

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