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Gen Mai Cha: The Toasted Tea

Written by Jesse Richardson on July 23, 2011 with No Comments

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Fresh TeaThe health benefits of tea have long been the object of study and fascination. Literally millions have felt better connected to the world, more energized, and more balanced from a daily cup of tea. But with time came change and unique approaches to this tea drinking, one of which involves a nutty, intriguingly tasteful combination.

Gen Mai Cha, a combination of bancha leaves and toasted brown rice, brings both the health benefits of green tea and whole grain brown rice together. Not only does this sooth the mind, but it also soothes the body.

Gen Mai Cha truly is full of surprises.

Boost your Tea with something More

The health benefits of tea have been long to us, as mentioned. Tea is rich with antioxidants, protecting you against serious disease, potentially cancerous ones included. It helps perk you up, but without the same amount of caffeine as coffee (mostly depending on the brew). It is also low calorie, good for your metabolism, and, as Buddhist priest Myoe argues, helps teach one virtue.

If virtue isn’t enough, now there is also the benefits of rice to consider.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, brown rice tea gives the usual health perks an extra kick. When the hull isn’t removed, as should be the case with all quality brown rice tea, the nutrients from the grains aren’t as compromised. That means more vitamin B, manganese, iron, phosphorus, and essential oils are making their way toward your body. Some consider this a great weight loss tool, as well as a great drink to balance the stomach.

In addition to these health benefits though, you also get a nice kick of flavor. A nutty, bold element will now reside in your tea, bringing the whole experience together nicely.

Reminder: Tea is Great

Be it with toasted brown rice or not, tea is a great drink to take part of – as long as what you drink has been sustainably harvested. Keep in mind that tea is great, but comes with a price. Because of this, when I drink tea, it is only the best organic, fair trade brew I can find. Otherwise, while I may be benefiting my body, I’m doing so at the expense of the world’s health. It’s a difficult thing to justify to say the least.

If you haven’t yet, try Gen Mai Cha today. After my first experience of it, I wonder if I will go back to ever drinking plain old green tea again.

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