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How can I build up my immune system?

Written by Dr. Berka on June 18, 2011 with 4 Comments

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Healthy FoodsI had a very bad infection and was in a coma for 5 1/2 months. I am fine now but the doctor’s said that my immune system was shot and there was nothing I could do about it.  I believe it must be possible to build my immune system back up through proper diet and exercise.  Any thoughts, ideas, or advice on this? I would appreciate any feedback.


Anytime the immune system has to deal with a chronic and/or acute infection, it will need time to recover. Recovery means down-time – drinking plenty of water (spring water), sleeping enough hours, and eating right.

First of all, water is vital to all physiological processes, and spring water has many electrolytes that your body needs for everyday function. Stay away from “drinking water’ or purified water unless there are minerals added back to the water.

Secondly, sleep is the most important aspect of building up the immune system.  When we are awake, the body has many other functions to deal with then if we are sleeping. Deep sleep has been proven to increase immune function time and again.

And last, but not least: eat healthy, nutrient rich food.  What you eat plays a crucial role in how your body is able to regenerate immune cells that may have been decreased by the onslaught of a serious infection. Make sure that you are eating enough protein (amino acids).  Stay away from sugar, as sugar has been shown to drastically decrease immune function.  Also, make sure you are getting enough oils in your diet.

If you eat fish, great; otherwise, you will have to get omega-3 fatty acids from a grain source such as hemp, flax, primrose, etc.  Fish oil supplementation is ideal for getting an adequate supply of Omega 3’s. As for nutrient rich foods, you cannot go wrong with organic fruits and veggies.  The more colorful the better.

You may also want to supplement with a probiotic to replace/replenish enhance your microflora in the gut (first line of defense).  Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria.  We need healthy bacteria in our gut for proper defense and functioning.  In addition, vitamins such as B-vitamins (B-Complex), Vitamin C (1000 mg/day), and Vitamin A,D, E are quite effective.  Minerals such as zinc and selenium are also excellent for reviving the immune system.  All of these serve as anti-oxidant support.  As far as herbs to enhance immune regeneration, there are many.  However, one of my favorite is Astragalus.  It  is perfect to use to build up the immune system.

Something else you may wish to do is to take an Epsom salts bath 1-3 times per week.  This will add Magnesium back into your body and aid in detoxification.


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  2. You can build up immune system with natural products as aloe vera, equinacea , noni and IP6. Clinical research have proven to increase levels of immune system from 15% to 49%. Another product included in PDR, increase immune system function up to 437%, natural, and in 48 hours boost your immune system at his upper level.

  3. My son aged 12 yerars frequantly gets affected by cold and that leads to asthmatic effect, he is taking three pills of Ammway’s Vitamin “C” pill, but I think it is only time pass. Please suggest how I bust my son’s immune system to avoid cough & cold.

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