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Infuse the Planet with Your Paper: Botanical Paperworks

Written by Jesse Richardson on November 20, 2011 with No Comments

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Botanical Paperworks“We were green before it was cool,” said Amber Olsen, marketing coordinator at Botanical Paperworks. “It was hard to get going with the ‘eco-focus’ in mind before it was so mainstream…Many people had an idea that if it was recycled it didn’t look as good, [so] we had to make it look beautiful with its own style.”

This was the idea behind Botanical Paperworks, a environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible and proactive company that started back in the good ol’ days of 1997. It all began when Heidi Reimer-Epp and her mother began compiling recipes for a book deal. They had to sort through over 300 recipes, and at the end of it all, they were inspired to infuse the gardening element into their own line of specialty paper.

Put Mother Nature to Work

Botanical Paperworks has a straightforward mission: deliver a product that is kind on the earth and beautiful to look at. Not only is the paper produced using locally-sourced recycled paper, but it is also infused with a mix of wildflowers – from Bird’s Eyes to Snapdragons to English Daisies. The company is essentially putting Mother Nature to work, making each card a tool of growth rather than consumption and waste. It’s simple: don’t waste it, plant it.

To Olsen, Botanical Paperworks makes that eco-option for paper a simple choice because of how simple, fun, and colorful it can be. And we agree.

Spread the Joy (And its Seeds)

Botanical Paperworks has a huge variety of stationery that you should consider if you’re still using the plain stuff. For one, they have a stellar wedding collection of plantable invitations. This is an awesome tool for your special day, and how symbolic! Nothing like having your wedding lead to the planting of hundreds of flowers!

Besides the gushy stuff, Botanical Paperworks also makes the holiday season a cinch. One of my favorite cards is one I was lucky enough to receive as a sample for testing purposes. It’s a pretty standard card from the looks of it – simply sporting a “Happy Holidays” on the front with a ornament that looks like planet earth – but it actually brings card sharing to a whole other level. Now, two things make this card cool: first, not only does it comes with a eco-conscious holiday message, but also a portion from each sale goes to Community Forests International; secondly, and perhaps the coolest thing of all, the globe on the front is actually meant to be torn off and planted! Yes, it comes with a call to action and a simple step one. I’ll be getting these this holiday season.

Of course, you certainly get 100 percent plantable cards, too. I really like the simple Flutter Leaf postcards, for example (check out all the postcards here). They have a nice, simple image of a few leafs on the front – very natural looking – and everything you need for a good postcard on the back.

So how’s it stand against regular paper? Olsen explained that this rivals the strength of ordinary paper and Botanical Paperworks has worked toward this goal. After feeling it for myself, I can attest to its toughness – the stuff is thick and durable.

Botanical Paperworks to Lively Up Your Stationery

The paper is great at Botanical Paperworks, hands down. Though the process behind making these cards is a bit of an “industry secret” according to Olsen, it really seems like this company is heading in the right direction for the right reasons. Passion is the driver, and in the passenger seat is ethical, sustainable purpose. Send a message, plant a seed, grow a flower. We love it.

Plus, if it couldn’t get better, the company is offering free shipping with orders of $49 or more within Canada and the United States for the holiday season. To learn more about this, check out Botanical Paperworks‘ site.

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