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Organic Coconut Hot Oil Treatment

Written by Organic Soul on December 06, 2011 with 13 Comments

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organic coconut oilCoconut oil is great nutrition for your locks. It helps promote healthy growth and it also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair. Following this simple recipe for an organic hot oil treatment, using coconut oil, will help with dry or damaged hair yielding a more soft & healthy appearance and feel to your mane.

Coconut Oil Heat Treatment (use once a week)

  1. Melt 1/2 ounce of organic coconut oil (coconut oil melts rather quickly so make sure you don’t over-heat your oil)
  2. Wet hair
  3. Work the melted coconut oil into hair paying special attention to the scalp and dry splitting ends.
  4. Leave in for 10 minutes
  5. Wash with a good organic or 100% natural shampoo, condition, and style as you normally would.

Voila! Now you have healthy hair the organic way!

This article was contributed by Candace Hall over at Natures Garden Therapies


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  1. I’ve never purchased coconut oil before (organic or otherwise) where would I find it? Also, is this the same coconut oil used for cooking? And does it leave your hair smelling all yummy and coconutty? Mmmm!

    • I ordered my coconut oil online from Vitacost. Yes its the same coconut oil that you cook with. Which is great because you can use the coconut oil as a health and beauty supplement! The oil is solid at room temp and has a shelf life of 2 years! I love this stuff!

    • Kelapo Coconut Oil (
      -Cold Pressed
      -Fair Trade Certified

      The first time I ever tried them was when I received a sample in my ‘Conscious Box’…..Great Stuff!

    • They have it at Target for $8. It’s next to the vegetable/olive cooking oils. It’s in a Mason-type jar and says “organic coconut oil”


  3. Love the coconut hair treatment! Leaves my hair sooooo soft! I get mine at my Health and Wellness Centre (Chiro’s office)…I use it on my face, day and night…and use it for cooking stir-fries :-)

    • I use it on my hair, my face (be careful not to overdo), and on my lips. It feels great.

  4. How can the CO be absorbed with wet hair? Water and oil doesn’t mix — I would think you would leave the hair dry, put the CO on, leave in for the amt. of time given, then whatever shampoo you’re going to use, put that on your hair (do not wet hair before doing this) to absorb the excess oil and then rinse as you normally would. Shampoo & rinse again if you like. I could be wrong, but the way I described seems to make more sense to me :o /

  5. I use coconut oil on my hair often an i use it as a hot oil treatment. When i hot oil treat i do it on dry hair. I get my oil from the vitamin shoppe :-)

  6. I have been using CO on my hair for months. I do not have dry hair, rather oily. So I avoid my scalp. I use a tiny bit & comb through my sides when my hair is wet, after shampooed
    /conditioned. I can sometimes get away with conditioning & just applying it like usual. It defines my waves & keeps my hair from drizzling. If I don’t use it & see my hair frizzes, then I apply a tiny bit to my dry hair.
    I also use it after the shower as body lotion & have just started using it to remove eye makeup.
    I have a jar in the bathroom & a jar in the pantry to keep them separate from cooking & beauty purposes.

    • My mom makes this stuff once a year for as long as I can remember. Love the smell of it~I never thought of doing a hot oil treatment with it, but thanks for the idea!

      • Kndelwoge wants to be free, just like these articles!

  7. Morrocan Oil is ok, but I just love Shielo’s new Shine Restore Oil!

    After shampooing and conditioning, I part dry my hair, add one pump of the Shielo Shine Restore Oil then comb with a wide tooth comb, and either blowdry or airdry depending on my mood.

    My hairdresser recommended part drying your hair first as it seems to help the oil sink in rather than just slide off with the water on your hair.

    The Shielo Oil leaves me hair incredibly soft and silky with no flyways (though I didn’t have many to start with) and cuts down drying time. I love how shiny it makes my hair.

    I had to go without for a month on my honeymoon recently, and boy did I miss it! My hair felt awful by comparison, and I found myself washing it more frequently just to try to make it feel soft. Was so glad to have it back when I got home!

    Yes, it’s expensive, but considering how little you use and how amazing it will make your hair feel, it’s totally worth it.

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