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Real Evolution Yoga—Teacher Training

Written by Real Evolution Yoga on January 13, 2013 with 1 Comment

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Real Evolution Yoga

Real Evolution Yoga is an empowering practice for every body.

Learn and embody our unique vinyasa flow, empowering for everyone…the beginning yogi to the seasoned practitioner, the aging desk jockey to the high performance athlete.

Become a certified yoga teacher and bold leader within your life and your community. Trainings are held at Peace Retreat Costa Rica.

Real Evolution Yoga is offering Stage I Teacher Training, from January 26 until February 2, 2013. Contact REY at for more information and to apply. 

REYStage I: Getting Real

  • Experience and integrate the Real Evolution yoga flow; learn the principles behind its design and how to teach it effectively.
  • ​​Expand your ability to be, empower and express yourself through developmental practices based on somatics and transformational methodologies.
  • Gain tools for continuing self evolution.
  • ​Learn and incorporate the essential practices of being an empowering and inspirational yoga teacher.​

Real Evolution Yoga

Real Evolution Yoga is a fully integrated yoga practice that generates power by building flexibility and strength. This unique methodology incorporates yoga, human development principles, somatics and scientific research on vitality and longevity. The intention behind the REY practice is to facilitate the creation of new and powerful patterns in mind, body and heart that will become the drivers for unimagined levels of health, satisfaction and effectiveness. Real Evolution Yoga was founded by Kevin McQuillan, Elizabeth Corley, Hali McQuillan and Tom Lutes.

Real Evolution Yoga

Real Evolution Yoga Teacher Training   —   Peace Retreat Costa Rica

Real Evolution Yoga Team

Kevin, Hali, Elizabeth and Tom

Real Evolution Yoga

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  1. When you stand in front of that strip of hot coals and you realise now you have to take the first step and when you take that step and you realise I am not burning, it then that all your fears are stripped of any reality and basis in your life and the moment you step of the coals on the other side – victory over fear. One of the central teachings of yoga is to become fearless and the fire walk demonstrated this in a very practical way.

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