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SOULSPEAK : Interview with Jon Gabriel

Written by Juno Cristi on September 27, 2012 with No Comments

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“Look inside to create what it is that you
want outside.”

Jon lost 103 kilograms in 2 ½ years. His weight dropped from 186 kilograms (409 pounds) to 83 kilograms (183 pounds ) and he achieved this weight loss without diets or surgery and without having the typical excess skin associated with massive weight loss. Jon’s book, The Gabriel Method, is an international best seller which is receiving tremendous reviews and helping people all over the world to lose weight without dieting! Jon Gabriel receives the prestigious “Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart Award.” This award honors individuals of inspiration and dedication. The award has been presented to numerous heads of state such as President Nelson Mandela, spiritual leaders like Mother Teresa, athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Carl Lewis and Billie Jean King, and entertainers such as Sting, Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere. Recently he also appeared on “Hungry For Change” - the movie he is part of, something everyone must see today in order to live a truly healthy life, void of trash in diets. In fact, simply void of diets! Just healthy and glowing… Confident and happy. I invite you to connect with Jon Gabriel and his wonderful invigorating energy today on Soulspeak.

Who is Jon Gabriel?
I’d love to see who Jon Gabriel is, I just know that Jon Gabriel comes through me. He is whoever is speaking at this moment That’s a message that I have for the world– that our bodies are incredibly intelligent and sentient beings. They’re solid consciousness. To me, consciousness exists in 3 different states the same way that water can exist as ice or liquid or a gas. Consciousness can exist as solid or liquid gas. So consciousness as gas is our mind and our thoughts. Liquid consciousness is our emotions and solid consciousness is our physical bodies. All we are is different phases of consciousness. Our body is literally solid consciousness. We can communicate with that consciousness.

The traditional paradigm of health, especially of weight loss is that our bodies are not conscious. Our bodies are machines. — We can take out a part or repair a radiator to put in less or more electricity and so forth and get a desired outcome but in reality that is not the case. The case is that we are enormously complex, sentient consciousness that when you learn to communicate with that consciousness you learn how to get your body to have unlimited incredible health vitality and fitness. I know this from my own experience of having lost 220 lbs (100 kilos) over 8 years ago without dieting, without surgery, without willpower or brute force, without what I would even consider discipline but simply by getting my body and mind to communicate properly and getting my body to actually work with me to actually want to be thin and healthy. It’s been 8 years now and I never had to think about the issue at all. My body just knows what it needs to do. It just wants to be healthy and it continues to search out more and more health.

Tell me about the turning point.
Well, I have been dieting for 10 years and the whole time I was dieting I was gaining weight. Maybe I’d lose 10 lbs, and gain 20 lbs over and over again until I gained over 200 lbs. I tried everything. I worked face to face with the late Dr. Atkins and the end all he could do was yell at me for being so fat. I went to the Pritikin Institute, I had fitness trainers, I had naturopaths and used herb medicines, had acupuncture and traditional medicine and it would always follow the same pattern: I lose all the weight, I gain all the weight. I finally got to a place where I decided I was never gonna diet again and rather than diet I was going to try to understand what my body wanted me fat in the first place, and that’s when everything changed, where my focus changed from trying to force myself to lose weight to understanding what my body was the way it was. I went on a quest in every different direction. I studied Biochemistry, Neurobiology, Stress Management, Consciousness, Meditation, Thought Field Therapy, the relationship between the mind and body, and also how to nourish my body better. Slowly, by making the focus about what my body needs, why it needs fat, and how to get it to no longer have that need and to satisfy it some other way, I then started to lose weight.

The hard part was really that point when I was on my knees, in desperation and saying “I give up. I’m never gonna diet again. I’m not gonna go down this road ever again” This road of willpower and forcing my body and good days and bad days…It’s like your whole life is a battle against what your body wants you to eat and what you’re trying to eat. I let all that go. I stopped having good days and bad days. I ate what I wanted but I kept the focus on understanding why my body wanted to be fat. That was a huge paradigm shift for me and once that happened the weight went down automatically.

That’s wonderful. When you got down to your desired weight how was the maintenance like?
It’s a very organic process. I wouldn’t consider it a discipline at all. The reason why you gain your weight back on a diet is because you haven’t addressed the real issue, and the real issue is a very subtle thing. Real issues could be physical, mental or emotional. For many people it’s emotional. There are some of us (and I had this) who have an emotional need to have weight, not to eat but to have weight on our body to feel safe. Weight is all about safety. When you understand that you have to ask yourself : “In what way does my body feel safer having the weight?” and it could be because you’re not nourishing your body properly so you’re in a kind of famine or it could be because you’re chronically dieting, and when you diet you artificially induce a famine and the whole reason we have weight is to protect us against famine. Because you’ve artificially induced the famine you’re gonna get your body to want to hold on to the weight to protect you against famine so you end up going to war with your body, and then it’s always a struggle.

So, you talk about things like maintenance and discipline and struggle. That’s an old paradigm that doesn’t work. If you keep the focus on “Why does my body need the weight as a form of safety?” : Is it an emotional tool? Is it a mental tool? Is it a chemical or physical tool? Is it because I’m taking medication or artificial ingredients or my digestion is wrong or I may have sleep apnea or I’m dehydrated or I’ve got this emotional need for it? Do I need energetic grounding or do I have too much stress and the stress is elevating my fat program chemicals? — What is the real reason that your body is using weight? You’ve got to address that and when you do there is no maintenance. There’s no ‘program’… You’ve solved the issue. You’ve got to get to the core issue and the core issue is always about safety. Your body uses weight as a form of safety. If your body doesn’t feel like it needs the protection anymore the weight falls off. No maintenance, no schedule, no discipline. You become once again a naturally thin person. You eat what you want. You don’t eat too much because you’re not that hungry , because your body doesn’t want the weight anymore. My focus is all about how to solve the problem.

What have you learned from yourself from this experience?
I’ve learned to surrender to this energy that we all have access to and to be still, and to allow that to work through me, and to not think so much. I don’t plan my life anymore I just allow this energy to come through me, I connect with it and that’s how I live my life. So rather than living my life in terms of my head and trying to control everything with my mouth, trying to control people in my life, trying to protect me from things I can’t be protected from, I connect rather with a much greater source of energy that’s everywhere… and I allow that to work through me. I’ve learned to just let go.

What have you unlearned lately?
That you do not need to control your life. I’ve just let go of control. Everything you have is inside you. I’ve unlearned the need to get out and get what it is I need or what I think is right for me or for the rest of the world. I’ve become a willing participant and spectator to the experience that’s happening through me.

What other passions enrich your spirit?
I love being physical now. I love being at the beach especially on days like now, when it’s 30 degrees. We have such beautiful beaches. I love the feeling of being physical. Having a dip in the ocean, or a feel of that cold water on me and moving my muscles… I love that feeling. I love connecting with people in my life. I love being a father too. Those are big passions for me.

If there is one thing that you can instantly change about this world what would it be?
Our understanding of how the world works. If we all changed our focus to understand that the solution to every challenge that we have is inside of us, and can come through us and we looked inside we would have a massive shift in consciousness in this planet that would change us forever. There would be no more blame, no more wars, no more greed, no more fear, no more fighting and no more conflict. There’d be no more limitations. We would all know that everything we need is inside us and we only need to connect with it and we would have that instant shift in consciousness. All that comes with some education and some understanding of how the world really works, and where creativity and abundance really comes from.

Any regrets?
No… I have zero regrets. I’ve made horrible mistakes in my life but I have no regrets. Everything that I have done brought me to this place and moment, and I’m standing here and talking to you and I’m feeling tremendous energy coming through me, so I have no regrets.

What is LOVE?
Love is who you really are. It’s your true essence. It’s what we’re all looking for but that’s what we really are.

What motivates you?
My understanding of the world, which is probably different from the general understanding is that we’re different phases of consciousness. And we don’t see this consciousness – just like fish don’t know that they’re in water, we don’t know that we’re in an ocean of consciousness. One drop of this ocean is more energy and passion and motivation that you can ever need in 20 lifetimes, just one drop. And we are in this ocean. This ocean of energy comes through these energy channels that we have in our bodies.

I have a meditation that I do in the morning to open up my energy channels. Once my energy channels are open, I let this energy run through me and I connect with it. Once it starts running through me then I don’t have to worry about motivation or passion. We have passion. The essence of passion is this energy running through you and creating in the world. I let it go create and move where it wants to go.

I feel tremendously inspired…Literally inspired, because inspired means “in-spirit” … It’s means spirit coming in to you. Spirit or consciousness is coming into me in a very mechanical way, and coming through me so I feel inspired. Then I watch what’s happening in the world, do movies like “Hungry for Change” and other documentaries we’re working on with some incredibly great people, the seminars that we’re doing, the books that we’re putting out, the courses that we’re putting out, the way we connect with people, our support group, the contact that I’m having with people. It’s all coming from this connection and that motivates me, that inspires me, that excites me like I can’t possibly imagine like when I meet somebody and they tell me they’ve lost 200 lbs.

I met a lady in at a TV show in Brisbane last week (Channel 9). One of the ladies that lost weight at The Gabriel Method was there giving her story. She looks totally fit. She lost all her weight. She looked like she’s about 42. She could be a fitness trainer. It turns out that not only is she a grandmother, she has 11 kids too. I’ve got one daughter who’s absolutely gorgeous – I know how much effort it can be and she’s got 11 kids! And in the process of raising all her kids she lost 100 lbs, she’s gotten tremendous energy! She’s got the energy to go camping again…Se’s telling her story to the world… I’m listening to this and I was just feeling awe. I’m humbled by this experience, knowing that in some way I’ve contributed to this incredible turnaround. When I hear stories like that I just feel tremendously energized and inspired.

Your dreams and aspirations today.
I have a vision in the morning when I do my meditation where I imagine this energy coming through me and then spreading out all over the world. As I imagine this, in a sense, it’s me “connecting”. — with you in Manila, with the Intuitive Warrior Seminar I’m doing in Los Angeles, with the show I’m doing next week. It’s me connecting with that energy that comes through me and that energy is the seed of transformation throughout the world. My vision is that growing. It’s getting bigger and brighter, helping to change the world in a positive way, all over the world, millions of people in every country. From a day to day standpoint it’s just a matter of living it and watching how it unfolds.

What does the rest of 2012 look like for you?
This year is really busy. I’m going to Los Angeles to do a seminar and then to New York to do a couple shows and then back to San Diego to start filming for a movie that we’re making. It’s a documentary. Then I’m coming back to do my 3 day retreat in Kiama, New South Wales. It’s the highlight of the year to me when I spend 3 days with a few hundred people and we go really really deep in our visualizations, our meditations, learning how to nourish our bodies, transform our lives and our bodies. It’s a really exciting experience. I have that and then I’m going to spend the Summer in Asia. I’m working with a very high profile person that I’m training. We’re going to spend a couple of months together. At the end of the year we’re going to start doing our online courses again. There’s going to be a lot of traveling over the next 6 months and a lot of communicating. The last online course we did which I’m going to start doing again on September had 800 people in 60 countries. We’re all working together at the same time. It’s a very powerful experience. And the rest of the year… We’ll see what happens.

You are face to face with yourself as a 10 year old child, what one piece of advice would you offer yourself?
Life is an adventure. Everything is happening in your life at some level as something that you have chosen, wanted to have and are having because someday you will work through it and be much stronger, more powerful, more excited, and a happier being. Just enjoy the journey and know that that’s exactly what it is — It’s an exciting journey.

Let’s talk about your work in the movie “Hungry for Change”.
I was contacted by the makers of that movie and they interviewed me in Sydney last year. We spent a day together. I guess they must have done that with 15 other people and they pieced together a story. I think they did a brilliant job of piecing the story because many other people said so many similar things it’s almost like we’re in the same room together, agreeing with each other. I think that was really cool.

What’s the biggest risk you had to take lately?
It’s hard to say because these days usually when I’m faced with a risk, I just surrender to it and have faith, but there was a time 10 years ago when I was faced with a really really big risk. I had to leave the life that I knew, I had to leave all the ‘known’, all my comfort zones, because it wasn’t working for me. I did this in order to pursue my dream and follow my heart to living a much simpler life and a more beautiful place — physically beautiful , in Nature. I left my life in New York. I was working as a successful financial person on Wall St. I left all of that. I didn’t know what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I was 400 lbs. I had a baby on the way. I just had to take that chance that maybe I’d survive if I follow my heart. I started living a very simple life. I started getting rid of the stressors and the fears. I started doing a lot of visualization, praying and a lot of studying. Transformed my body and in many other ways, transformed. That was the BIG risk that I had to take in my life. The rewards of that are still developing.

What do you love most about being a father?
I just love the connection. It’s such a special relationship. There’s no other relationship that’s as pure as that, where all you want is someone else’s happiness and nothing else. She’s at an age now where we’re able to communicate at the same level. We have similar humor. She can occupy herself with her projects. She says things that always amaze me. She has incredible insights. She hasn’t gotten into that age yet where she becomes a teenager and doesn’t want anything to do with her daddy. It’s just a perfect sweet spot. To me there’s nothing that compares to it.

Your major influences and teachers.
When I was in New York, I did a lot of meditation with an Indian guru named Paramahamsa Hariharananda. I also learned some Taoist work from a Vietnamese man who lived in Philadelphia. They were really big inspirations for me and taught me the foundations and tools that I needed to develop myself internally. As far as famous figures, Anthony Robbins is a huge influence. I think Deepak Chopra is great. And I really like Dr. Christiane Northrup. She was also in “Hungry for Change”. I think she’s a really special person.

If you could be anywhere right now where would you go?
I’m exactly where I want to be… There is nowhere else I could see myself going.

Your one message to the world.
Everything, absolutely everything that you need is inside of you. All you have to do is connect with it. The ability to transform your body, to transform your life, and be fearless, totally supported, totally loved, totally connected. And the more you go inside to connect with the source of all your wealth, fitness and abundance…the more you will see it in the outside world. So look inside to create what it is that you want outside.

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