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A Helping Hand

Selfless Acts Of Service

Seva, the selfless act of giving, is what Kristina Kuzmich holds as a catalyst for her upcoming service trip to Nepal with Bridges Between. Read about her intentions for this personal and international endeavor.

Photograph by Hope Ryden, National

Natural Wonders: Monarch Butterflies

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The next time you spot a flash of orange from the fluttering wings of a Monarch, let it remind you of the change and continuity that comes with the seasons.

Open up

Letting Go and Opening Up

One of the most common challenges amongst human beings is the concept of “letting go.” Chloe Park gives six tips on how to let go of the old and bring in the new.


Get To Know Ronnie Landis

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Meet our newest Featured Soul, Ronnie Landis. He is a man on a mission to contribute to the uplifting of our planet through helping others make radical shifts in their health and food choices.

Water Ripples

The Effects Of Your Actions

How do you hold yourself accountable in life? Think about what you may be letting slip through the cracks when people aren’t there to catch you. Own up, and don’t sell yourself short.


Where Am I? Where I Am!

My mother passed away when I was 8 years old, and she was quite a women I’ll tell ya. One day, my father was cleaning the house and he brought something to my awareness: a box of books.

Juno Cristi

Get To Know A Featured Soul: Juno Cristi

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Get To Know A Featured Soul

Juno Cristi says she wants to dedicate her life to feeding people with soulfood. Organic Soul is delighted to have her as a Featured Soul!

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot

An excellent, unique short focused on where we make our stand. Done by a very talented young illustrator and narrated by a legend, Pale Blue Dot will help you size up the world for what it really is.

Tomato Heart

4 Simple Ways to Pursue Natural Living

By employing these 4 simple tips, you can start leading your life toward a more natural, healthy pathway. Find out what it takes to get back in touch with the natural world around us!

Pacific Star II

Pacific Star II

Even wonder what it’s like to travel over 120,000 feet into the atmosphere? Look no further.