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Partner Yoga

Get Inspired: Real Evolution Yoga Tour

Take a look at the Real Evolution Yoga 2013 tour! The REY practice is a unique methodology that incorporates yoga, human development principles, somatics and scientific research on vitality and longevity.

Pink Lotus Flower

3 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude

There is a reason why we call yoga a practice, and the same can be applied to the practice of gratitude. Just as you link your breath with the movement of your body in yoga, you can also link your mind and heart with grateful appreciation.

Real Evolution Yoga

Real Evolution Yoga—Teacher Training

Become a certified yoga teacher and bold leader within your life and your community. Real Evolution Yoga is offering Stage I Teacher Training from January 26 until February 2, 2013 at Peace Retreat Costa Rica.


5-Step Transformational Process

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In this video, Veronica Krestow speaks to claiming more of your significance. May this simple 5-step process serve the actualization of your own clarity, freedom, peace, deeper understanding, and empowering self-expression.

Barn In Winter

Seeing Light In The Darkness Of Struggle

John Wayne Smith writes on his personal struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He shares an episode that reveals his pain, but also sheds light on his path to recovery.

Leaves In Autumn

Passing Hours With Purpose

How do you fill your free time? Andrea Bentley writes on how fulfillment can be found in the balance between stimulation and relaxation.


SOULSPEAK: Interview with Ben Stewart

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The creator of “Kymatica”, “Esoteric Agenda”, “Ungrip” and “The Hanged Man Project” talks about his new film projects, his vision and the inspiration that drives his spirit to reach the world. Read his SOULSPEAK interview!

Abbit Yoga

Yachting Yogini: I Wish…

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The most important thing in life is to consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities. Abbi Heilig writes on how anything we want is at our fingertips. Turn your “I wish…” into your “I will…”!

Leaves In Transition

5 Tips To Ease You Through Transition

Life offers opportunity in every moment. Chloe Park writes on how to stay present and pay attention to all the things you have the possibility to receive.

Buddha Tree

How To Step Into Your Power

Life coach and writer, Christopher Renzo, shares how you can step into your power to find the ultimate expression of your soul.