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Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich

Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich

Meatless solution companies are making huge steps toward positive change for our planet and all of its inhabitants. Check out this recipe from Christina Ross to go mindfully meat-free at your autumn BBQs.

A Helping Hand

Selfless Acts Of Service

Seva, the selfless act of giving, is what Kristina Kuzmich holds as a catalyst for her upcoming service trip to Nepal with Bridges Between. Read about her intentions for this personal and international endeavor.


Today Is The Date To Be Late

September 5th is the unofficial Be Late For Something Day. Whether you are always punctual or a habitual procrastinator, reflecting on time’s essence is actually very enlightening. Kaitlin Polnik reminds us to take a little break from the constraints of clocks.

Water Ripples

The Effects Of Your Actions

How do you hold yourself accountable in life? Think about what you may be letting slip through the cracks when people aren’t there to catch you. Own up, and don’t sell yourself short.

Thrive With Intention

Thriving With Intention

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The root of all of our actions come from intention. Watch Veronica Krestow’s video on how to explore and manifest intentions to impact every aspect of your life.

Chloe Park

Get To Know A Featured Soul: Chloe Park

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Chloe Park is an artist, holistic healing practitioner and yoga & meditation instructor. She is currently traveling the world to share her message of unconditional love and self-healing. Organic Soul is honored to have her as a Featured Soul!

Conscious Box

Bex Knows Best: Open a Conscious Box

We love Rebekah Borucki, or Bex, creator of the beautiful Check out her recent review on the amazing company, Conscious Box!

Green valley during sunset

10 Reasons To Go Organic

Going organic can mean a lot of things. Most importantly, however, going organic means you’re…

Nutrition and Energy

Need a Boost? Foods for Energy

Staring down a bag of chips because of that mid-day burnt out feeling? Here are some foods to help keep you energized all day.

Trible Bottom Line

Understanding the Triple Bottom Line, its Shortcomings, and the Solution

People, planet, profit – the Triple Bottom Line. While it seems straightforward enough, the Triple Bottom Line is ripe with complexity, criticism, and alternating conceptions on what exactly it means.