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Fall Squash

Flavors Of Fall: Squash

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Squash is an autumn favorite—gracing farm stands and harvest dinners with a cornucopia of color and character.

Fall Harvest

Healthy Harvest: Plant For Fall

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When we are savvy and we sow seeds in August, fall’s cruciferous crops get off to a healthy enough start to withstand frigid winter weather.


Healthy Harvest: Kale

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Kale is a nutritional powerhouse, containing loads of nutrients. You can grow your own in a raised bed, a bucket, a canvas grow bag or a plot in the yard. Mid-summer is the best time to plant kale, so go ahead and get it growing!

Summer Squash

Healthy Harvest: Summer Squash

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Reap the summer harvest and boost your health with this hearty vegetables!

Canned Preserves

Plentiful Preserves: Canning 101

This method of food storage should no longer be remembered as a piece of history, but instead as an affordable, green, and healthy way to store food from your garden or local farmers’ market.

An organic garden with fresh compost

How To Create a Compost

Composting is not only environmentally responsible, it also can provide nourishment to your garden to produce happier, healthier plants.

Grow Your Own Food

5 Benefits of Being Your Own Farmer

Find out how becoming your own farmer can mean becoming more sustainable, educated, and relaxed. Feed yourself and help support a healthy planet!

Seed sprouting

Win a Seed Sprouter Starters Kit

We are happy to announce, in partnership with, a contest to win 1 Victorio Kitchen 4 Tray Seed Sprouter and 1 bag of the following: Alfalfa Seed, Wheatgrass Seed, Protein Powerhouse Mix, Mung Bean Seed. Entry is absolutely free, by leaving one comment telling us why you would like to win. The winners will [...]

Indoor Herb Garden in window sill

Indoor Gardening: Simple, Delicious, Effective

The benefits of gardening are endless – you supply yourself with your own food, it’s cost efficient, and you develop a skill while having fun. But some people don’t have the space to have their own complete garden… Or do they?

Organic Manifesto

Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe

The Organic Manifesto tells the compelling story of organic farming in our country, how chemical and industrial farming took over, and how we need to get back to our roots.