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Hooray for Eco Friendly Crafts for Kids

As any parent can attest, juggling all of life’s demands and trying to find quality time to spend with family is difficult enough before you start trying to come up with and prep for crafty projects (Pinterest be damned!).

Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich

Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich

Meatless solution companies are making huge steps toward positive change for our planet and all of its inhabitants. Check out this recipe from Christina Ross to go mindfully meat-free at your autumn BBQs.

Planet Power Fist

We Need To Do More Than Believe

“We gotta do more than believe if we want to see the world change.” ~Dave Matthews

Photograph by Hope Ryden, National

Natural Wonders: Monarch Butterflies

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The next time you spot a flash of orange from the fluttering wings of a Monarch, let it remind you of the change and continuity that comes with the seasons.


Healthy Harvest: Kale

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Kale is a nutritional powerhouse, containing loads of nutrients. You can grow your own in a raised bed, a bucket, a canvas grow bag or a plot in the yard. Mid-summer is the best time to plant kale, so go ahead and get it growing!

Summer Squash

Healthy Harvest: Summer Squash

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Reap the summer harvest and boost your health with this hearty vegetables!

Seaweed salad

Do You Know Where Your Seaweed Comes From?

If you are a sushi fanatic, or just love a seaweed snack, you can eat seaweed in sheets, dried flakes or pill form. Just remember to check where your seaweed is coming from.

Apple a day

Dietary Dogma

When did it become so fashionable to brand our diets? How did we come to our food eating us instead of us eating the food?


A Thousand Shades of White

Get a glimpse of Greenland! A Thousand Shades of White was filmed as a part of the 2006 Climate Change College.

Grow Your Own Food

5 Benefits of Being Your Own Farmer

Find out how becoming your own farmer can mean becoming more sustainable, educated, and relaxed. Feed yourself and help support a healthy planet!