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Planet Power Fist

We Need To Do More Than Believe

“We gotta do more than believe if we want to see the world change.” ~Dave Matthews

Seaweed salad

Do You Know Where Your Seaweed Comes From?

If you are a sushi fanatic, or just love a seaweed snack, you can eat seaweed in sheets, dried flakes or pill form. Just remember to check where your seaweed is coming from.


Preparing for Summer: Ideas for Summertime Sustainability

As the summer months begin to creep in, the temperature begins to creep up.

Algae Extraction

Overcoming Oil with Algae

The world is in crisis: oil will not last as a resource, but we still require fuel. What outlook does algae biofuel have?

Small World

Small World Energy

Want to see our energy production in under a minute?

Reusing a Bag

6 Tricks to Better Recycling

We all know we should be recycling, but do we always follow through? Here are 6 simple ways to make sure you’re making the most out of that can.

Dan Nocera: Personalized Energy

Dan Nocera: Personalized Energy

Ready to solve the energy crisis? Dan Nocera’s got the concept and design.

Local Food

Going Local: The Changing Features of an Essential Practice

Going “local” today doesn’t carry all of the same meanings it once did. In some cases, the ideas are vastly different. In others, the roots of local are more evident. Find out what local might mean for you!

Oil Well

The Shock of Peak Oil

Learn about how peak oil may be approach sooner than imagined in the short, engaging video by Ideas@MaRS.

Food Recycling

Food: The Forgotten Recyclable

Recycling is often touted as one of the best things we can be doing to help clean up the world. Let’s not forget all of our recyclables though, and food is one of them.