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The Grocery List: 6 GMO Foods You Want to Avoid

Written by Jesse Richardson on June 14, 2011 with 118 Comments

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GMO CerealWhile the science is still out on genetically engineered foods, many people are not taking any chances. Through the application of bacterium, scientists genetically engineer food to heighten certain characteristics and/or be resistant to pesticides, all in hopes of increasing yields and generating more profit. Various health questions have been raised though, and many scientists and health professionals argue that further testing is crucial before any concrete conclusion can be drawn.

Unlike in Europe, where GMO foods require labeling or are outright banned, the average US consumer must choose between some serious digging or only buying food labeled 100 percent organic. To simplify this mission, here are 6 GM food groups you’ll want to avoid:

Number 1. Milk/Dairy

Although there are currently no approved “genetically engineered cows,” the modern dairy industry is a heavy user of the GE growth hormone rbGH (or rbST). This helps boost milk production on dairy farms, but may lead to some health concerns. First, this growth hormone sometimes stresses the cows body, leading to certain diseases that must be treated with antibiotics, which end up in the consumer. This can lead to antibiotic resistance and even antibiotic allergic reactions. What’s more, though, is that it is known that rbGH stimulates IGF-1 production, a cancer accelerator in the body.

Even if you find a company that says “No rbGH or rbST,” you still have reason to believe the food is not GMO-free. This is because cattle are often fed genetically modified feed. Buying organic is the best way around this problem!

Number 2. The Oils

The next group to watch out for is cooking oil. As explained by the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, “Unless labeled explicitly, corn, soybean, cottonseed, and canola oils produced in North America almost certainly contain genetically modified products.” Blended oils are also a problem due to the common practice of mixing GMO canola and cottonseed. Here, finding an organic or 100 percent pure oil that isn’t derived from the above plants is the best way to avoid GMO oils – organic olive oil is a personal favorite.

Number 3. Animal Products

Just like milk, animal products (meat, fish, chicken, pork, etc) can be thought of as genetically engineered. Not only are growth hormones an issue, but so is the feed that animals consume – and even that’s not all. Although we mentioned there are no “genetically engineered cows” per se, there are actually genetically engineered farm-raised salmon currently being tested. These may even reach dinner plates in a few years (or less).

Going for 100 percent grass fed beef or 100 percent organic chicken, pork, or lamb is the best way around this. It’s important to remember, though, that GMO alfalfa has recently been approved, so 100 grass fed ruminants may not be safe as before.

Number 4. Sugar and Sweeteners

Sugar beet is one of the largest genetically engineers crops in the nation, and with corn  being another huge GMO crop, food sweetened with high fructose corn syrup should also be avoided. Unless it’s labeled organic, your best bet is to go with organic alternatives like honey or agave syrup. Also, keep in mind that cane sugar is also not GMO!

Number 5. The Cereals and Breakfast Foods

Many cereals and breakfast foods today contain trace ingredients that are GMO – namely soy and corn additives or sugars like those mentioned above. Unfortunately, to eat around this, you’ll probably have to drop your favorite cereal with mini-marsh mellows and shooting stars. I personally switched to an organic granola cereal with some freshly sliced bananas I add in for taste – yum!

Number 6. Fruits and Vegetables

Although there are not many genetically engineered fruits or vegetables in the US, packaged, frozen, or canned fruits or vegetables often have GMO additives. Some fruits and veggies are actually coated with GMO made wax or oil before hitting the shelves. Some GE foods in this category are zucchini, yellow squash, sweet corn, and papaya from Hawaii.

Luckily, fruit has an easy code system to figure out if its GMO or organic. If the fruit has only 4 digits on its PLU code, it is conventionally grown and may be GE. If it has 5 numbers starting with an 8, then it is GMO, and if it starts with a 9, it is organic. Unfortunately, the ’8′ for GMO is only voluntary, and many (if not all) skip passing this information on to consumers. If it is available, look for the USDA organic label.

Some Basic Tips

To help you and your family avoid GMO foods, here are a few basic tips to consider:

  • Shop local – often small farmers do not use GE food, but you should always still ask
  • Look for Non-GMO product seals. Some business are proudly non-GMO!
  • Avoid processed foods as they’ll often have GMO ingredients.
  • Grow your own food! This way you’ll know exactly where it’s coming from.


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  1. Thank you!

    • just think about fresh and what it go pick from your vegetable garden,and herb garden.
      vie,amour & sante’

  2. Cane sugar in non-gmo.

  3. This entry is so ignorant. WHY would you avoid GMO food? It’s EVERYWHERE.

    Stupid, close-minded people.

    • Hi Wiserthanyou; Please open your mind to the truth. Yes, GMOs are in the chemtrails and the soil. Same as Salmonella and Shigella is everywhere. Therefore it is important to detox these potential life threatening proteins. We can produce a hostile environment for poisonous invaders by carefully choosing what we consume and place on our skin, including GMO cotton.

    • Dear wise-
      Cows that eat GMO’s die between the ages of four and five. Cows that do not eat GMO”s live to be twenty.
      You do the math oh wise one.

      A cow lover in WIsconsin….

      • I would love to read more about this fact. Please share with me where you got this information.

      • this is a scary fact. we ate beef whether ground beef or steaks, never knew it. thank you for sharing.

        • You can find non-BMO beef and pork. Google “grass feed beef” and you may find a local farmer who has organic meat for sale. It is almost always USDA butchered and inspected. I found 2 sources with in 120 miles.





    • why wouldn’t you avoid GMO foods, unless you like your food contaminated and want cancer. the only stupid close-minded person here is you. why don’t you do some research and educate yourself

    • haha. look who’s talking and look who is being ignorant. nobody wants to die with cancer, (at a young age) where you will feel hopeless. instead of living in a genetically modified food they have been poisoning us. injecting us with diseases, poisoning the community around the Monsanto, killing people. Look beyond this issue. Little knowledge is dangerous! They want us to have cancer, why? because it is business. Many cancer patients??? Many will have chemotheraphy, and those who invented that sh*t will earn billions of dollars a year!!! it’s not just about . It’s all about making money and controlling the world… Do your research so that your stupidity would stop insulting people.

      • yah. your right fucking shit people!! they want to be rich and rich!!

    • Dear Wiser than me,

      Did you know that the GMO’s you are not afraid of have a Agent Orange built into their genetic modification. So that they don’t have to spray it on the crop directly.

      Your ignorance of the topic is abundantly apparent. Your very username is a statement to self importance.

    • Oh (not so ) wise one …. you need to educate yourself. Europe does not allow GMO. Otherwise , the products are required to be labeled as GM’s. Europe is much more advanced than America when it comes to these issues. They question what is good / bad for consumption. They are not perfect, but they stand up for themselves. You may consider doing the same …. and open your mind.

    • I suggest you watch a movie on YouTube called “Seeds of Death”. It tells the truth about GMO. Education is better than ignorance. then, you can make your own educated decisions.

  4. If you don’t want to eat GMOs, then DON’t eat at all.

    • “Wiserthanyou” – I’m always supportive of a healthy discussion on the topic, and I appreciate your interest and time spent on the site. I’m not sure why you think this post is ignorant, though. In the first graph, I link out to an informative article on GE food and point out that many scientists are still unsure about GMOs. We’re providing both reason for the discrimination and information that supports it.

      What’s more, I’m not sure that because GMOs are in the majority of our foods we should readily accept them. I’m an advocate of more research being done with human safety and the safety to our environment in mind – regardless of how much of the stuff is already hitting shelves. By consumers like you and me demanding this safety and regulation, we can be sure that what we’re putting on our plates and the plates of our families is healthy and safe.

      Lastly, if you don’t want to eat GMO, eat organic! It’s not really that much more expensive (a cost you can make up for taking the bus a day or two out of the week, which lends a hand to emissions and congestion in major cities) and it is known to better protect the earth and the health of its people. I’m very open-minded to the idea of safe science, trust me. It’s the assurance of science that is lacking in GMOs, though, causing myself – along with millions of Americans and even whole nations – to question the safety of this food.

      I’m interested in hearing what you think about labeling, though. Would it be acceptable to require a GMO label and simply let the market decide?

      • Gmo’s aren’t everywhere just yet. I sometimes feel like this person does, on occasion. Like, “what’s the point it’s all going downhill at a fast pace anyway.” That isn’t the case though and if enough people get together and inform themselves on what is really going on then we can keep ourselves safe. Share information like this article. If enough people start to realize what is happening and loose the trust they have in thinking the everyday foods that they buy and eat are safe! (That’s the real shame and ignorance…The revolving doors and the blindfolds they have pulled over most people) Then maybe things will start to change where it really counts. We can only hope to avoid cross pollination and contamination of organic foods. We need to fight for ourselves, our families, and for the people of the future. Informative article for people who are unsure what to avoid when going grocery shopping. Thank you.

        • I like what you say about the cross-pollination. That is a real risk, especially with how seeds are saved or sold.
          I honestly think, that as a nation, we need to step back and re-evaluate what convenience has cost us. Is it really better to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast rich in GMO’s, high fructose corn syrup, steeped in hormone polluted milk. Does that help us in the long run? But the culture seems to blind themselves with the here and now, thus leading to the convenience of everything. (I could go on and on, not just related to food, but really should keep it to the article.) This need for instant gratification is infecting our culture at the most basic levels, as is evidenced by the food industry’s focus on meeting the needs of the “on-the-go” consumer.
          Don’t get me wrong, it’s very hard not to get caught up in it. I certainly don’t claim to be perfect. This article is a nice reminder/ eye-opener for us to keep watch on our food source. Thank you Jesse!

      • I do not think for one minute that you are ignorant. I appreciate your obvious interest in this topic and the research you have devoted to it. I do have problems, however, with a basically fear-based article that offers very few solutions. I live in a rural area without public transportation, and I know it is very expensive to purchase “organic” food, so it appears that all I can be assured of finding in my small town are honey, organic granola and olive oil. Even fresh vegetables are suspect. A good list, including brand names of products that are “healthy,” would have served me better than creating a paranoia about the fresh foods in the two grocery stores located in my town.

        • Peter – I understand your concern, but this article is not fear based. In the very first paragraph, I recognize that further testing must be done to draw any conclusions of certainty. Myself, however, along with millions of other people, are deciding to err on the side of caution. The article was meant to be an informative, and in that information lies its utility.

          Coming from a rural area myself (I lived in a town of 2000 for 8 years), I understand how difficult it can be. But let’s not forget the luxuries of the modern world – you could very easily order something online and have it delivered right to your house. While we also want to be mindful of the carbon trail we are emitting, I believe a person and their family’s health should be their top priority.

          I like to avoid brand name recognition because that requires me to put enough trust in them to suggest them to other readers. Unfortunately, I have not been able to spend the time to really find a specific set of brands I can send your way – rather, I put my faith in the USDA Organic certification. If it helps, I suggest you buy the brands with the logo. Or, as mentioned, grow your own food. It’s not that difficult and it can be very rewarding.

          Finally, I hope you don’t just read this as passing paranoia. Paranoia has the connotation of exaggerated or irrational fear – the reality of GMOs isn’t exaggerated (they do exist, but I qualified the claim by noting testing is still required) and it’s not irrational to be concerned for one’s health. Hope this helps!

      • I am all for research also – and it is being done. You say organic foods are not that much more expensive. You must be one of those people, like my sister, who can afford to buy organic and not worry whether it costs more or not. At my house we cannot afford organic because it IS that much more expensivel And what does taking the bus have to do with organic food? I live just outside a large metropolitan area, but there are no buses except up and down two streets. Also, if you knew anyone who worked for a large corporation that produces food, you would know that there are so many rules (some from the FDA, some from the companies themselves) that it takes one to two years for a product to actually get on the store shelves from the time it is first thought up.

        • Quite the contrary, actually. I do see the price difference between organic and non-organic foods. But I also see the prices we often pay for other items we might not really need – be it morning coffee or something else (especially if someone is a drinker or smoker). By cutting out those, as well as taking the bus (in order to offset transportation costs and free up funds) makes it much easier for me to afford healthy food. Of course, not everywhere has solid public transit, nor are prices always the same. Incorporating coupons, bulk buying discounts, etc, isn’t out of the question though.

          And I’m aware of the time it takes to develop and produce a product. But that doesn’t seem to be a major point to me – it’s a challenge that every business must go through. Sometimes I find there to be great products that may not have the organic certification, but are indeed organic, and I’ll support them.

          Maybe you can’t always buy completely organic – true. But there are certainly measures we can each take, whether it is saving money by cutting out other items or growing some of our own food, to help us avoid GMOs.

        • Meg- take this from a poor college student. I come from a poor family & I am currently trying to make the switch to organic. I work for tips only and my fiancé makes 1200 a month working at our local walmart. We are eligible for most financial assistance from the govt including ebt/food stamps.
          Not sure if you qualify- but, did you know that you can buy almost any herb or fruit/vegetable plant with food stamps? This means you can GROW fresh organic herbs AND food pretty much for free!

          Even if you use your own cash… You’ll save money by planting a small garden.

          Jesse- thank you for this post! Keep it up! People… Remember that if you do not like this blog or article you can always close the tab and move on… This information is a take it or leave it option for those considering a healthier, organic lifestyle….. Stay positive folks:)

      • Aren’t you one of the creators of conscious box, Jesse?

        And to the guy saying I am stupid and close minded for not wanting to feed my children potentially dangerous, disease causing food…. SERIOUSLY?! Reality is over 90% of our health issues are caused by the foods that we eat. And beyond that, reality is…. these GMO foods are NOT being studied long enough to ensure that they are safe for human consumption or that they are not potentially harmful to our environment. Reality is we really DON’T know the long term effects of consuming these genetically altered foods. Hasn’t history proven that it is a bad idea to mess with nature?

        I would say the person who is eating foods without a though as to what is in their food or questioning the environmental practices of the companies producing them is the one that is stupid and close minded.

      • Is there a reason why all of the sources for your claims are simply more links to other articles on your own website?

    • It’s our right to be able to know what is going on and to ingest safe and healthy foods. It’s this kind of defeated thinking that most people have. To give up before the fight has really even begun. Why? I’m sure it seems so much easier for someone to go eat Wendy’s or purchase cheap, GMO ridden, processed foods at the store. There are more options out there and I personally appreciate the people who take the time to write articles such as this one. To educate the ones who haven’t given up under pressure.

    • Honestly, this person is a bit frustrated he/she cannot part from his/her mini marshmallows with shooting stars. Research the facts and yes I personally DO avoid gmo foods because I choose to be healthy. If you do not like this great article with good intentions as well as advice go enjoy any food you wish to eat.

      “Stupid people always think they are right. Wise people listen to advice.”

      • Caroline, wouldn’t it be better said that wise people do their own research?

    • Compost and grow your own. It’s a start for sure and it gives us
      some of the excercise and sunshine we need.

    • Wiserthanyou, you’re pro genocide then?
      It is wiser to remain silent, and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth, and remove all doubt.

    • I have reason to believe this “wiser” than you character may or may not be apart of the illuminati… Or Monsanto

  5. Thanks for this post. This is the first time I ever heard of the PLU codes for fruit and that different numbers signify non-GMO, GM, or organic produce. Would love to know if this only applies to American-grown produce or produce sold in the American market, or if it applies to fruit sold in other G7 countries as well.

  6. Very interesting about the PLU codes. I had no idea. One thing sick I did hear is that one way to make sure tomatoes are nice and red is to engineer them with human DNA. Now I feel like a cannibal if I don’t eat organic tomatoes. Anyone know if there is any truth to this? In the meantime, I’ll be looking for the 5 digits starting with 9. What I find out might surprise me.

    • Terri, I am addicted to the Campari tomato and I hope it is not a GMO. I cant wait till I have room to grow everything some day….

      I get the bulk of my veggies from a local organic CSA and shop for others at Farmers Market. I am buying local meats and I try not to buy anything that I am unsure about. I noticed meat was tasting off or just not tasty and the feeling that they were not dying well was coming through in texture as well as flavor. In game you can taste the difference in a good humane kill and a bad shot that goes wrong.

      This article has helped me see the few foods I have not paid as much attention too so thank you, I needed to consider what I was missing!

      • You might check out some web resources on growing your own food in small spaces. More of us common folk are starting to use indoor container gardens or small patio gardens to at least grow some things ourselves! Good luck.

        Anybody interested in working with nature and not against her (and thus gaining more yield with less ongoing maintenance), look into Sepp Holtzer’s practices. We just got his new book called, “Sepp Holtzer’s Permaculture,” and it’s fantastic. You can see several youtube videos about him and his revolutionary practices. And by revolutionary, I actually mean ancient and common sense, but they’re surprising to modern people accustomed to seeing only one crop at a time on a given plot of ground.

        Great discussion. Thanks for the article, Jesse. Found it through a face book link of a friend.

  7. We have no idea what these GMO’s can do exactly but in the next 50 or so yrs that will past they will & wont regret for one min all the people it may effect. Thank you for sharing this and also enlightening others

  8. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

  9. Your body is organic and I think it takes more effort to eat organic foods. The truth is that I am old enough to know the difference. When I was a child most of the food I ate was organic. Intestinal disease is rampant in our country. Have you seen the stomach aid department lately?

  10. Wow, “Wiser-than-you” needs to change their name to “more-ignorant-than-you” or “more-immature-than-you” or “angrier-than-you” or the one that would fit this post, “lazier-than-you” as it takes a lot of research and more time to eat well. If you dont like these kinds of posts, go to a different forum. Perhaps one about X-box or comic books as you act like you are 12 years old. Why waste your time reading this if it is not something that interests you? Do you really have no more life than to harass people? That is sad!

    I appreciate every time that someone posts something like this! I study it well and commit it to memory. I shop the local farmers who are organic, I am vegetarian and I have learned to can and freeze my own food. It is a delight for me and so rewarding. It is like a new hobby for me that I enjoy!

    Thank you for posting such a great article! I am going to print it and put it in my binder where I keep all of this kind of information for future reference. I plan on printing off the info in the links you provide as well! Keep up the great work! I enjoyed the article!

  11. Thanks for sharing this Jesse! It’s always scary to read all these facts. Then when the time for grocery shopping comes, one can get really confused if not frustrated with what to actually buy. When pointing out the items to avoid, it would be really good to give us a hint as which are the products we can substitute those. Like you’ve mentioned your cereal you sub with a granola.
    I’m personally vegetarian and I avoid all the preservatives and artificial colors as much as I can. I agree with you when you say that the best way is to grow our own produce. I live at the Yoga Center in Tennessee and we are slowly getting in to that. There’s nothing like having your own food.
    If you like to know more, please visit my site at
    Thank you and have a great day!

  12. I was wondering how I could remember those numbers so I made up a little rhyme:
    If it starts with an 8, keep it off your plate. If it starts with a 9, then it is fine.

    • I love that! Thanks for the tip!

  13. SOY seems to be in most canned or processed foods-supplements and almost everything not raw- and since 91% of US soybean fields are GMO-this is one of my top to NOT get-after having breast cancer even though I already knew my oncologist even said NO SOY-even organic soy due to estrogen properties it has-only fermented soy was acceptable

  14. Thank You for the much appreciated information.

  15. Olivia, you said so much of what I was thinking while reading these posts. Victoria, I also love knowing the rhyme to remember the codes 8and 9.
    Jesse, the article is informative and I am always looking for facts to make the right choices.
    I grew up on a vegetable farm. I appreciate all the time, effort and hard physical work that is put into getting our food in the stores and markets. We do have choices as to how we grow them and what we put into our bodies. People that say these things: all food is “bad for you somehow”, and “all good-for-you stuff tastes like cardboard”, etc… those people really get under my skin. It’s their way of making themselves feel better about not making good choices and being too lazy to make changes. (talk about close-minded..)
    I’ve learned to just say, Ok, that’s your choice and change the subject.
    thanks for the article and keep them coming!

  16. Caroline – Wise people wouldn’t call other people “stupid”! Wise people don’t stupe to name-calling lol

    I’m sure everyone would like to eat healthy, myself included and I think that many people here have valid opinions. I can appreciate the person in the small town with 2 grocery stores as I live in a small town with 2 grocery stores. Sobey’s is one of them and when I went in and asked the manager for organic meat the other week, he stated that they don’t order it because not enough people eat it to make it worth their while. Now, surely ‘environmental’ people wouldn’t be suggesting ordering organics online – first of all, that requires putting gas and pollutants in the environment to deliver the order! Also, perhaps suggesting a website that delivers to a small town would be more helpful than throwing out the idea. Also, yes, health is important, as without health we have nothing! However, if it costs $50 to ship $8 worth of food, does that really make sense either? It is great to suggest things to others, but please offer more than just a comment such as a website or other information to help people locate what they need.

    The list in the beginning stated so many things not to eat, I sat wondering what was left TO eat. A list of good healthy foods that you recommend would be helpful. It is easy to suggest to people to eat from a garden, but again, not everyone has a backyard to plant gardens either. And not all of us have a green thumb to do so either.

    Just adding food for thought – I would very much like to hear what people are eating though! It would enrich the article and be of great assistance to people who would like to pursue a healthier lifestyle.
    Perhaps people are voicing opinions out of frustration from some of the above reasons – so instead of being defensive of people stating another opinions, offering some suggestions or assistance would be more productive and helpful. Thank you for reading :)

  17. My first time on here, wow, sitting and reading all the comments, it amazes me how many people on here don’t like comments other people make, yet they spend quite so much time commenting on them – about 1/3 of the room on this forum AND they actually use up more room on here commenting on the negative comments people made, than the negative comments take up lol.

    Rose – you really shouldn’t let other people get “under your skin”. Why do you care so much about what others say? Who cares! Your comment that “It’s their way of making themselves feel better about not making good choices and being too lazy to make changes. (talk about close-minded..)” is your opinion dear. And perhaps instead of “letting people get under your skin”, you should take your own advice – “just say, Ok, that’s your choice and change the subject.” lmao
    take care all – too much drama on here for me – too bad, the person on here spends a lot of time researching and posting and seriously deserves much better quality conversation on here than all of this!

    • ^nowyourdoingittoo “I wonder”

  18. I didn’t feel this article was of much value. It lacks strong alternative suggestions and the point seems to be to spook the consumer. We need more information to guide us, not scare us.

    • Hello Clileas; I believe you are a candidate for the applied kinesiology. Please research it, learn it; find a professional to teach it. It is life enhancing because it takes the guesswork out of making decisions.

    • ;-) ;-\

  19. thank you for reminding us all of this important info… it can get so confusing… and as most of us know, producers that are not health and environment conscious, slip the cracks with their labeling. I have had so many conversations this year about how unhealthy canola oil is, yet many don’t believe it.. Thank you for giving us the alternatives and truth, and in such a positive way!

  20. I appreciate your website beyond words. We engage in a ‘tribal hunt’ for genuine food each time we shop. I am utilizing applied kinesiology in order to check each item we purchase because some foodstuffs may claim to be organic but are not. I recommend that each person learn this wonderful testing mechanism [AK]. The GMO appears to be much more dangerous than previously known. . .
    A horrible skin disorder which leads persons to suicide is apparently caused by the GMOs. The scientists thought that these enzymes would be passed through the body harmlessly; however, this is not the case for everyone. Even GMO cotton is detrimental to the Lyme, Morgellon’s community.
    Keep up the good work, and thank you beyond words.

  21. your concerns are valid, but we cannot feed this over populated world through organic farming only; who should starve? I’m sure you won’t nominate yourself. We own a family farm in Nebraska and our crops are genetically modified…but at the same time I feed my family from our organic garden. It’s all a choice, but remember there are millions of starving people who do not have the choice of organic foods…they just want to eat. The real problem is feeding an overpopulated planet.

    • To be frank, the argument that organic foods produce less yield is not quite true. Studies done by the Rodale Institute that actually leverage strategies of serious organic farming (as opposed to studies that have just left crops to grow completely by themselves) has shown to produce just as much, and without depleting the soil (which can reduce yield over time and increase runoff) or having to buy expensive fertilizers and pesticides. Imagine if your family farm could be subsidized as generously as it is for organic than so-called conventional – or even more so as you’ll be doing a greater service for the world and its people. Even you feed your family from your organic garden instead of your crops.

      What’s more, the biggest hurdle for food in the world is not the gross production – it is access. The majority of people starving are doing so because of political/military leadership. Even as we produce more food than needed, people face starvation because of corruption and the vices of “men”. While organic won’t solve this problem, it will solve others. And perhaps as people hear and understand these misconceptions, more action will be taken and we can work toward finding a solution.

  22. I appreciate your articles Jesse. One thing that concerns me is when people rely on labels to assure them of quality. Through much research I have found that the FDA, AMA, Big Pharma, USDA, EPA, etc. and the vast majority of the food industry in our country work in collusion to keep us sick. I used to think it was just ignorance or negligence but it is not. It is totally premeditated. If you look into the background of the figures who own or work inside these corporations and agencies you would be shocked at the incredible amount of conflicts of interest. They are a part of the Plutocracy that this country is controlled by. Ultimately this Plutocracy is connected to the Banking Family Dynasties who raping the world of it’s resourced in order to enslave the entire globe. We only have the illusion of a freemarket. Their may be some smal towns that have some good organic produce that they sell independently but it is almost non existent if you try to buy organic from any mainstream stores which are easily traced back to the Corporate Oligarchy I just spoke of. So to finish that is why I’ve moved out of the city and decided to grow my own food far away from cross pollination. People don’t fully realize the vast reach of these Elite unempathetic people who have their tentacles wrapped around almost every mainstream recognized area of business, politics, finance, and religion. They have a strange hold. I pray that people turn off their monopolized media empire funded propaganda tubes and come to fully realize these FACTS. Then we will have the ability to take back the untarnished sanctuary that god created for us with all it’s perfection balance and symmetry. Thanks for reading Jesse. ;-)

  23. Cane sugar is not GMO, monsanto and syngenta can’t seem to figure out how to make money on it, and there is some resistance from the largest cane growers. Also, commercial Florida sweet corn is not GMO and you can thank Publix and Wal-Mart for that.

  24. It is important to slow down and think about food as nourishment rather than just something to gulp down in between meetings or on the way to pick up the kids. Rather than worry about following a fad diet, think about your health and your lifestyle instead. Start by learning which foods are good for you.

  25. I would love to buy all organic but unfortunately it’s way too expensive. Not many people can afford it, especially the meat products.

  26. This whole GMO thing is out of control!

  27. Could this be more vague? If then maybe no but possibly yes? Usess information.

    • Sorry you feel that way, Cal, but I urge you to read past the headlines for each section. Often people aren’t aware that rbGH stimulates IGF-1 production in the body, nor are they aware of blended oils or even the possibility of their animals being fed GMO feed. Some people may not even know about the PLU codes with fruit and vegetables. As mentioned, though, you can find this information and more if you read each section completely.

  28. There is a healthy alternative to all of the GMO food, pesticide laden produce
    and hormone injected dairy products: for more info:

  29. Why “six”? You did not leave a single food group, not a single food in the entire store untouched. The article feels forced and misleading. You picked a random number and broke things up in a way that things fit, at the end of the day you could have said, “Anything you eat that is not organic is most likely GMO tainted” but I guess that wouldn’t be much of an article. It’s just kind of senseless. You’re not educating, you’re filling space.

  30. Great post! Thanks.

  31. I also appreciate the article and the time you took in doing the research….however I full understand the frustration of those that are talking about either the unavailability of or higher prices of organic foods. I look at your list and wonder if their is anything left out there that will not eventually make me sick or kill me. I also would love the simplicity of a list of things I can buy…brand name or not. Does this make me lazy…maybe so. I am just really tired of constantly reading things that are telling me all the things I should not be doing or consuming without offering (IMHO) a realistic alternative. It sounds so simple to say you can order things online that you don’t have easy access to but the reality is that not everybody can afford the higher prices or if they can perhaps the added cost of shipping costs make it prohibitive. I will admit to a stick my head in the sand attitude until just recently. We have started raising chickens for eggs and eventually fresh chicken. But even though our chickens are free range I still have to worry about the feed they get. And yes I know it is possible to feed them organic as well but as with my food the cost simply does not fit into my budget.
    I guess what I am trying to say is I can understand all sides of this issue and would hope that we could all remember that we all come from different places and have different lives and perspectives and should not be throwing around hateful words simply because we don’t agree or cannot understand where someone is coming from.
    Thank you for your time…

  32. HMMMM does Monsanto care about me? Right. Look the point is we have a right to choose, labels on products please. Tell me my quick oats are safe. Slippery slope here, this corporate stranglehold on us must end, I think this is our Waterloo.

  33. What is GE food?

  34. Jesse,
    This article was very helpful. I need to get better about buying grass fed beef.

  35. I think though your article might be somewhat interesting – although it is not primarily based on research that has been conclusive. You made many references to “Buying Organic” but there is still much debate on whether organic itself is TRULY organic.

    There has been recent articles on orange juice packaged by WHOLEFOODS 360 brands having fungicide properties. Who in the world would think WHOLEFOODS being the leader in organic foods would allow such a product on its shelves and to have them labelled as “ORGANIC”? This leads me to even more confusion and doubt as a consumer as to what is really out there in the markets.

    As for GMO products, I’m sure they are out there. I’m sure they have properties in them that might not be healthy for us in the long run. But to suggest buying ORGANIC is the way to go to avoid most of these problems is not really a foolproof solution. For one, even with a USDA Certified Organic label slapped on a carton, can we truly believe that it is organic or is it a politically and monetarily funded move that we the consumers are falling for?

    Just read about Dean Foods and its brand HORIZON MILK which is supposedly “USDA organic” but really how “organic” it’s milk really is, no one knows…….

    With all the lies and inaccuracies in the food industry, I do agree we need to start getting some accountability from food distributors, starting from the FDA.

    And the one foolproof way of keeping your family healthy is to eat everything in moderation – GMO or not, organic or non-organic. Growing your own foods if possible and buying from local farmers are always the better alternatives.

  36. Noooo! Sugar cane IS genetically modified, who said it’s not.
    Besides you frogot that ,pineapples, strawberries, tomatoes, papaya, carrots, golden rice, soya beans, and potatoes.
    See were toast :-( forever. Oooooops!!!!! I frogot that red hearted chicory is MALE STEREIL.
    No vitamins, no shots, no milk, no peanut butter, no nothing. I have been searching the internet for non steirle nor gmo foods. Thanks for the info. :-)

  37. [...] The Grocery List: 6 GMO Foods You Want to Avoid | Organic SoulJun 14, 2011 … While the science is still out on genetically engineered foods, many people are not taking any chances. Here are 6 food groups you’ll want to … [...]

  38. This GMO conspiricy is getting out of control. While I agree that avoiding processed foods, processed carbs, corn syrup, etc. Is a good thing, I think we forget that humans have been genetically alternating foods for centuries. And guess what, most of us turn out fine. I refuse to spend $2.00 for a single piece of produce.

  39. Thank you so much for writing this article, I will be sharing it with my friends and family. In Australia we have a lot to condend with also. It is very concerning the way this GMO threat is playing out. I make as much as I can for my family and have been able to convert to a predominatly organic GMO free diet on a very limited budget. Luckily, I have good survival skills and have been able to utilize them in feeding my family. Namely cooking and gardening. I bake my families bread each Sunday. 4 loaves made with organic, additive free wheat. This takes me around 2 hours and I put them all into the freezer to use during the week. I shop from our local food coop where I get the most beautiful GMO free organic pulses, grains, and pantry staples which make up the majority of our diet. We do not grow our food at the moment but once we have settled into our own home this year we will once again grow our fruit and veg, for what I buy I only buy from the local fruit shop who labels persticides etc. I make our breakfast cerals each month. I make toasted muesli, bircher muesli, and also our own yoghurts out of raw milk from grass fed cows. Our once predominatly meat diet has transformed to being maily vegetarian with organic gmo free chicken, and some fish thrown in. I have found a few farms over here that raise biodynamic lamb and beef for which I can purchase a whole lamb at $215 a half at $115, the cows are slightly more expensive so I am in the process of finding other families who may want to share a cow. This meat will be put in the deep freezer and should last for the year. This is my next step. I have begun to make our own toiletries ie soaps, shampoos, conditioners, but will extend this on to laundry, and house cleaning porducts too. I believe that if more of us did this and continue to keep in contact and support each other we can form groups and organise against the evils of our current day food systems. What we do in our own homes effect people all over the world, not just ourselves. We are all connected.

  40. I find this topic to be hopeful and disguraging at the same time. I used to believe buying organic was the logical answer based on popular belief. But once you look at both sides, organic is not the ‘Golden Child’ I once thought. Many of our organic products come from overseas and origin labels are not required. Who know share their regulations are. Organic farmers still use pesticides just a different type which supposedly is worse for the soil than some advanced types commercial farms use. And the American Cancer Society has said GM food does not cause cancer.

    Well this does bring up some good arguments. For me, however, the bottom line is that I feel like I must support the idea behind organic even though it MAY not be all it claims to be. Without supporting the idea that things must and can be better, we will fail to continue to make the world s better place. By supporting organic this will spill over into other areas in your life and collectively if we all do this, mankind may not destroy the planet afterall.

  41. I agree with the above statement the this article is both hopeful and discouraging. The listed “do not buy” foods do not leave much to NOT avoid. Either way I try to avoid anything GMO to begin with. I simply do not trust it. I do not trust the companies producing them, I do not trust their environmental practices, their practices when it comes to how they treat animals (I am not a PETA member or anything but what these companies do is downright sick) , I do NOT trust the FDA….. I guess I don’t trust much of anybody or anything when it comes to the foods I feed my family because ultimately it has a huge imapct on our long term health. I want my children to live long healthy lives and don’t want to poison their little growing bodies with these “franken-foods”.
    All that being said I am incredibly lucky to live very close to a store that makes conscious grocery shopping very affordable. That isn’t the case for most people. I count my blessings in that respect.

    Thank you for the article, Jesse. =)

    • Since the jury is still out on GMO food, we should require labels that says GMO free or not. If you don’t like GMO food then you don’t have to purchase them. If the Monsanto Corporation is fighting against truthful labeling of GMO foods, then it causes people to believe that they are trying to hide something. So just label them and give people a choice.

  42. What it comes down to is you have to decide for yourself what you believe is right and what is wrong and make the choice for yourself and your family. If you choose to take a chance and don’t believe GMO food is bad for you then you’re going to convince yourself it’s ok to eat GMO foods and so you will not even try to avoid them. If you decide you’re not willing to take the chance then you will do everything in your power to avoid all known GMO foods. I have been blind for so many years myself and it took some major health problems to get me on the path I believe to be the correct one, that and the help of a co-worker. This co-worker was born in Syberia and when she came to this country 10 years ago was considered to be in perfect health and quickly become accustomed to the Standard American Diet which she believes is what lead to her developing intestinal cancer last year. She had surgery and has since made it her mission to become healthy and informed about what goes on in this country’s food supply. Probably no big surprise that the name Monsanto turned up and how they have influence within the FDA when it suits them. All I can say is do your own research and make up your own mind, ultimately the choice is yours.

  43. Best way to fight this GMO and all other crap food is to stop buying :D Thats one way you make a change in the world, know what you do to know what you support. Its all up to you what you wanna do with your tempel. Im choosing a natural and healthy body :D
    Thank you for sharing.

  44. i am truly thankful non of those foods come close to being in my kitchen,it truly has been a blessing in my health,and how i am aging.

  45. [...] genetically modified organisms (GMO) are corn, tomato, soy, cow.. and the latest addition was human. Photo from [...]

  46. [...] Rats that ate genetically modified corn either became ill or died (Mestel, 2012). Let’s say we take away ethics, GMO’s safety is still not guaranteed. But the bigger issue here is invasion of GMOs. When you put a genetically modified plant in a field, it could potentially affect the other plants by sucking all the nutrients from the land. Via survival of the fittest, the GMO plant will persist and reproduce until the rest of the field is full of GMOs. [...]

  47. Wheat!! Wheat has been a huge GMO crop for years… it is no coincidence that celiac dis-ease is on the rise, check it out, read Wheat Belly.

  48. Now Obama has signed the “Monsanto Protection Act” into law, stabbing America in the heart yet again!

    no surprise.

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  51. 7/16/13 On FSTV had a very informative show about GMO’s and the corruption in the FDA. This is a independent news station that is not owned by big business. Check it out.

  52. Labeling is suppose to be required if the thing has been genetically altered. Every American citizen should know what he’s buying, that’s a basic right of freedom. Then he can decide if he want or don’t want to consume it.

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