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Top 10 Common Stressors We Face

Written by Jesse Richardson on February 13, 2012 with 2 Comments

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Stressed OutIt seems like there is always something. A bill to pay, a report due, a relationship to mend. Simply put, stressors are everywhere and they affect everyone. Of course, there are ways to deal with these stressors and many people have found some great strategies.

But what are the most common stressors? I began to think about how to go about organizing a list and decided, well, that was simply too stressful to do on my own. Luckily for me, some other writer out there has already worked through the arduous task of compiling the most stressful stressors in our daily lives.

Straight from the University of Phoenix, here are our top 10 daily stressors. While you read, think about what rings especially true to you. If you identify with one (or more) particular stressors, tell us how you unwind and relax every day!

Number 1. Not having enough time.

Rank your priorities from most to least important and tackle the time-sensitive ones first. Also, knowing unpleasant tasks cause stress, tackle these jobs first so you can get them out of the way. Knowing that something more appealing will follow may motivate you. If you plan ahead, prioritize tasks, control procrastination and learn to manage your time more effectively, you will avoid unnecessary stress later.

Number 2. Unhealthy lifestyle.

Turning to grease-dribbling junk food or sparking up a cigarette every time the going gets tough will actually hinder your ability to cope with stress. A nutritious diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep will provide you with a more positive frame of mind and will better prepare you to deal with daily stressors tossed in your direction.

Number 3. Taking on too much.

Do you have an “I have to please everyone” tendency? Be honest and let people know what you can (and can’t) take on. Embrace a comfortable amount of tasks and invest 100 percent of your energy and attention in every given assignment instead of hanging on to countless daily duties and presenting a sub-par performance.

Number 4. Conflicts in the workplace or at home.

Disagreements or clashing opinions can put a strain on personal or professional relationships. No need to be argumentative or confrontational; simply be honest and respectful with each other and try to arrive at a solution with which both parties can be happy.

Number 5. Inability to accept things as they are.

There are just certain situations that are out of our control. If you try to tamper with something that you really can’t change, it will distract your concentration from the other tasks you really should be doing, thereby creating more stress. Talk to a friend—they might be able to add a different and possibly positive perspective.

Number 6. Missing the opportunity to take time out and relax.

Everyone needs to carve out at least 5 minutes of “me time” every day. If you don’t have a chance to recharge your batteries, you may be in a constant heightened state of tension. Relaxation will give you greater clarity of thought, which leads to a better daily performance.

Number 7. Serious illness or death in the family.

It’s something nobody can plan for. As unavoidable as a serious illness or death of someone close to us may be, it is best not to ignore it. Take some time off from work to deal directly with your feelings. Delve into your strong network of family and friends for support.

Number 8. Neglecting to see the humor in situations.

Being in “serious mode” around the clock will push others away from you. Injecting a little humor towards life’s situations, you will take some of the edge off of everyday stressors. Harness the benefits of a good laugh with friends and family. Laughter has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Number 9. Particular situations that cause stress.

Does Aunt Myrtle’s constant nagging drive you up the wall? Try to avoid situations that make your fists clench tightly. This is where planning ahead comes in. Figure out what calms and soothes you when you’re feeling irritable, angry, afraid or sad. The ability to balance your emotions and preserve a sense of control over the situation at hand will make it easier to take stress in stride.

Number 10. Major life changes.

Ironically, the only constant in our lives is change. Welcome change as a positive challenge. A new job, baby or moving to a new home should be viewed as a new beginning rather than a fearful event. Remember, stress-healthy people have an optimistic attitude, embrace challenges, have a roaring sense of humor and accept that change is a part of life.

Special thanks for Pheonix Focus for this great list of stressors!


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  2. This is a great article, but instead of just one sentence at the end of each item, I wish it had been followed with more on the positive part of how to overcome / deal with stress on a daily basis – i.e. brief meditations, foods to eat, sleep suggestions, etc.

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