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Vegan, Gluten Free, Banana Carrot Bread

Written by Emma Morris on September 22, 2011 with 49 Comments

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  • Prep Time: 30 min
  • Cook Time: 30 min
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Servings: 3 loaves

Vegan, Gluten Free, Banana Carrot BreadThis bread is vegan and gluten free. It has amazing flavors, from the sweetness of the bananas and carrots to the refreshing taste of lemon and an added crunch from the almonds. Moist and delicious, this bread sure is a win in our home.


  • ½ cup organic raw honey
  • 3 tablespoons organic olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup mashed organic ripe bananas
  • 1 cup grated organic carrots
  • ¼ cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • 2 cups Organic gluten free all purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoons xanthan gum
  • ½ cup chopped organic dried apricots
  • ½ cup organic chopped raw almonds


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 3, 3” X 6” loaf pans
  2. Using a fork beat the honey, oil, vanilla, and salt. Add the bananas, carrot, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Mix the flour, baking powder, and baking soda into the banana mixture. Then fold in the nuts and apricots.
  3. Spoon into the loaf pans and bake for about 20-25 min, or until tooth pick comes out clean. Let it cool for about 5 min before removing from pan.

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  1. Is the xanthan gum in the recipe to add texture?

    • Well personally, Xanthan gum is not something I want to have in anything I use or eat, nor would I use it as an active ingredient in anything I made. I will be watching labels now to make sure I do not use it. I tend to make most of my own things at home, despite being a single mother who works.

      this is a mold that destroys all vegetables and fruits. I cut that crap off my food, why would i add it to my food. This is dangerous. But then again, most people dont understand what fungi do to the body.

      here is a link for you. I suggest you read it and make up your own mind.

      • If you don’t want to use the xanthan gum, just leave it out or try a little ground flax..

      • If You Can Substitute: Try Fine Powdered (Flax Seed)- For Quality I Also Use Rice Bran Flour!

  2. looks yummy, but not truly vegan with honey–perhaps a bit of raw agave as a replacement? :)

    • I truly do not understand why people say to eat vegan is to not eat honey. I am a vegan and some people constantly assume this about me. I love honey, and its health benefits. Raw agave is over processed and not in its natural form. The process for making honey is natural, plus you can get local good tasting honey. If people start assuming that they don’t have any use for honey, then they will be that much more willing to destroy and disrespect the wonderful honey bee. I don’t know about you, but this is something I have noticed about man kind. I don’t think we as humans can over work a honey bee and its hive, though there always seems to be more then enough honey to go around.
      The baked bread sounds delicious. I am going to make it for my 2 yr. old and 3 yr. old boys today. They will love to help. I’m sure my husband will love to take it to work with him as well.

      • AMEN! well said sistah!

      • I like Heidi’s response. We need to keep the honey bees, they may become extinct…it’s all about the birds and the bees. Didn’t your mother teach you anything? ;o)

        • We need to take care of them! Not steal their honey! We get the benefits from having a hive in our tummy through our garden.

      • So if buying honey locally or whatever makes it okay to eat honey, then why aren’t you buying local milk? In theory, that means that milk is okay as long as its from a farmer’s market, no?

      • Honey is not vegan! If you eat honey you need to say you eat a plant based diet, not try to steal vegan! That word is for people who try not to abuse or kill all animals, even bees!

        • I agree completely Sera! Honey is actually Bee food, they make it for themselves and to sustain the hive, not for humans.. it is definitely true that we need to respect the honey bee and raise awareness, but stealing their food puts unneeded stress on them and is in a way exploitation, as humans then make profit off this amazing little being. They already do enough for us already, ie. pollinate our entire food supply…..

  3. Well, for me, vegan means not stealing anything from other species. Stealing honey is stealing honey, whatever way you look at it. Same as stealing milk from cows, or skins/meat etc from a variety of animals. Pointing out the health benefits of honey, is like someone pointing out the health benefits of milk or meat. I can’t talk, because I still smoke cigarettes, and I am aware of testing on animals.. Honey is non-addictive tho (without trying to excuse myself), and to give money to those who middle-woman it is the same as giving to those who middle-man milk, or dead animals for sale. I could be wrong, but don’t they spray bees to keep them in line??

    • I heard they pull the wings off of the queen so she can’t go anywhere – and the bees make the honey for THEMSELVES, not for us. Millions die in the collection process. Why is it that we believe we automatically own everything in the universe? Anybody can see that all species live for themselves – not for us. And to say one is a vegan and in the same breath defend the consumption of honey does nothing for the root concept of veganism – a protest against the exploitation of others.

      • I would just like to chime in with Hmmm and Monica, and to point out that if someone doesn’t understand why vegans don’t eat honey, he or she clearly does not understand veganism.

  4. First ingredient – not vegan – waste of time

    • Heidi – eats honey – not vegan – check definition

      • Silliness

      • Agreed!

    • Waste of time? A lot of heart and soul went into this recipe. If you don’t like honey replace it with something else, however many vegans don’t have a problem with honey. We try to remain, open, welcoming, and understanding on Organic Soul but I’m going to be frank…Take your judgmental, elitist attitude somewhere else.

      • Well said!! I’m so sick of judgmental eaters. I’m vegan, but I would NEVER tell anyone how to eat, what to eat, or give them hell about what they eat. You don’t want the honey in the bread, replace it! But get over yourself…..I’m tired of everyone being so crabby about food!

      • vegan is vegan

    • Try being open minded.

  5. how about replacing honey with stevia??

  6. I’d like to share this recipe on my blog? Would you mind? Of course I’ll link back to your site in my post. It sounds very yummy and is easily adaptable for those that don’t eat honey :-)

  7. Interesting how some folks just have to have something negative to say. Just substitute the honey then! Sheesh! In my family, we have one dairy free, one wheat free, and when my daughter comes home, absolutely no peanut products. Team that with the usual likes and dislikes of family members and sometimes I feel like I want to scream. This one sounds like a winner and i can’t wait to try it. Thank you!!

    • I don’t think they mean to be negative; what they have a problem with is the recipe being called vegan when it’s obviously not. The author should change the title of the post.

  8. Great recipe! I love the the combination of bananas, carrots and apricots! Yum!

  9. I’m a new vegan and I was not very conscious of the fact that honey was non vegan, so I learned something from this article so thanks.

    I want to add that this conversation has already been decided by the Elohim(creator Gods) and the decision was for the bees to go away. So the point will be mute soon. Bees are leaving. We will learn how to make honey without them as part of our growing process.


  10. I thought the same thing when I read the first ingredient. Vegan = no animal products consumed. I think she could have safely labeled it vegetarian without the lengthy discussion herein. Personally, I would substitute another sweetener if I decided to make it.

  11. This looks like a really delicious recipe! I’m going to try it this weekend with my friend. I think we’ll add some cranberries just for fun. Enjoy, everyone!

    • I like the idea of cranberries in it. Thanks for mentioning it!

  12. Vegans do NOT eat honey, I am a vegan and all the vegans I know do not. It is made by bees to feed their young, vegans do not eat any products made by animals including milk which is to feed their young and honey to feed theirs.

  13. Personally this receipe sounds delicious. My family loves banana bread and I am always looking for healthier versions. Thanks for the great post. As for the silliness in the arguments…to each their own. Stop belittling each other over this. Enjoy the bread as posted…change where you want or move on.

  14. is there anything to substitute the xanthan gum? :)

  15. Vegan or not – I like honey – but IT IS SO WRONG TO WARM UP THE HONEY! Please, don’t put honey in the mixture and bake it, please don’t! Honey gets toxic on high temperature…

  16. I’m not vegan nor vegetarian nor gluten-free: finally got around to making this bread (using white/wheat flour and no xantham gum) and it’s awesome! Thanks!!

  17. For those who made this and have a regular oven (not conventional oven), did it take longer than 30 minutes?

  18. Oh folks. I was so excited to read the 33 comments to see if I should make this recipe. Of course, I would feel free to augment and replace ingredients at my own free will and with risk that I might change something too drastically and fail. But nonetheless, I do thank that the author for posting this – it looks quite flavorful. I promise that I will try this one and share the results.

    Please consider keeping nasty remarks to yourself. Put yourself in the authors shoes – lets create a supportive environment so that we all can feel comfortable sharing with the world instead of being afraid of being chastised.

    Love and peace…

  19. just a word on the recipe — made the bread this morning with a few adjustments. I used maple sugar instead of honey and added 1tsp cinnamon, dash nutmeg & dash clove. I split the gluten free flour 1C Bette’s & 1C Bob’s Almond Meal. I also added 2 lemons worth of zest and used raisins instead of apricots b/c that’s what I had in pantry (though next time will try the apricots!) Created a glaze of lemon juice, coconut sugar and cinnamon that I brushed on for the final 5 mins of bake time (I made the bread in a single loaf pan). Consistency is great and the flavors are delicious. Thanks for the inspiration :) )

  20. I made the bread this morning with a few adjustments. I used maple syrup instead of honey and added 1tsp cinnamon, dash nutmeg & dash clove. I split the gluten free flour — 1C Bette’s & 1C Bob’s Almond Meal. I also added 2 lemons worth of zest and used raisins instead of apricots b/c that’s what I had in pantry (though next time will try the apricots!) Created a glaze of lemon juice, coconut sugar and cinnamon that I brushed on for the final 5 mins of bake time (I made the bread in a single loaf pan). Consistency is great and the flavors are delicious. Thanks for the inspiration :) )

  21. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Takes care of all the allergy problems in my house, no dairy, no gluten, no eggs. Pure raw honey is incredibly good for us and part of good, natural nutrition. Perhaps these grouchy vegans need some protein. geesh.

  22. check this article and send your comment on banana

  23. this recipe is not vegan. i’m sure it’s a great recipe, but calling it vegan makes the author look uninformed and thus reflects poorly on the site. and there’s no need for snide comments about “grouchy vegans”… no one is calling you “ignorant carnivores,” so please try to keep it respectful. people are just pointing out the glaring factual error in the title of the post.

  24. I don’t think it’s technically vegan if there’s honey in it…

  25. honey isnt vegan!!!

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