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What does it mean to be a whole person?

Written by Jameson Morris on August 17, 2011 with 4 Comments

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Under a TreeWhen we seek balance in our lives and integrate the best of all parts of ourselves, a great sense of well being occurs. I think this is the first step to ones path to “wholeness”.

I believe that the quest to become a whole person is a never-ending one. I see the search for “wholeness” as an exciting journey throughout our lives that we will never feel has ended. Everyone always has so much to build on and there is always so much more to learn and do.

To me, in order to become or feel whole, one must first become motivated and gain a desire to achieve a balance in life. One must also recognize that we are made up of three components: Physical, Mental and Emotional or what I like to call Body, Mind and Spirit.

Three Elements to the Person

Your body must experience wholeness by being well taken care of.  Having a healthy body is a huge part of having a long happy life. You must exercise regularity, stay in shape, rest, and stay properly nourished by eating the most natural, purest forms of foods that were meant for us.

The mind must also be in balance. It needs to be used! It needs to learn! Get educated, read books, and create! Learn to master your mind and you will be on your way to mastering yourself.

Then there’s your spirit, which is just as hungry. Your spirit includes your relationship with god or a higher being, a purpose in life, and relationships. In many ways, cultivating one’s spirit is a journey that may never completely end.

Although I’m still searching for ways to best satisfy these components I do believe that a large part to finding “wholeness” in your life is also really discovering who you are as a person. I still really don’t completely know who I am and I ask myself that question every day. I’m still processing and putting information together, but I suppose it could take a lifetime to answer these questions.

Though wondering what it means to be a whole person is a good question, I think the better question is “Is it possible to achieve complete wholeness during a lifetime?”


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  1. Yes, I believe it is possible to achieve complete wholeness “during” a lifetime. However, I doubt that it is possible to achieve complete wholeness “for” a lifetime. My efforts at wholeness are subject to the natural law of conservation, of yin and yang. I am in a constant and dynamic state of flux between ying and yang, contraction and expansion, between wholeness and non-wholeness. Therefore, I do not expect to experience complete wholeness every breathing minute of this life. I do hope to experience it in the next! Perpetual and complete wholeness sounds like Heaven to me.

  2. I also believe that it is possible to achieve complete wholeness “during” a lifetime. Balancing your Body, Mind and Spirit is essential to achieving wholeness and understanding your purpose. I believe once you understand your purpose, the journey becomes clearer.

  3. It is possible to be whole because wholeness is a state of mind more than anything else. You can go through anything in life and it will take pieces of you, but the beauty of the human spirit is that you can fill those pieces and come back to wholeness. :) )

  4. Yes, only God in heaven, creator of heaven and earth can make us whole and complete. This God that i am talking about is a god who longs to have a relationship with you. He loves you and me so much.

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