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What is the most important thing to teach your child?

Written by Jesse Richardson on May 04, 2011 with 22 Comments

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There’s never a shortage of lessons for children. Today, though, some issues are more pressing than others. That being so, how do you prioritize your lessons for your children? Or do you just teach them as you go? I find myself wondering just what is the best way to teach a person – child or not. Do you let them experience something for themselves rather than offer an explanation? Or do you try to explain something before hand, perhaps in an attempt at deterrence?

What’s more, what is the most important thing to teach your child in today’s world?


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  1. Kindness

  2. Honesty

  3. That things should not be done to make others proud of them, but so that they can be proud of themselves.

  4. The GOLDEN RULE … always treat others the way you want others to treat you … to have a compassionate heart.

  5. That they are important and loved, but are not the center of the universe. Harsh, but necessary.

  6. Teach them that love rules all – that their innate joy and happiness is real life – that anything anyone tells them that does not agree with their own common sense and “gut” should be rejected – that they already contain all that there is to know; it’s just a matter of waking up to it as they move through life.

    • I agree. Self-guidance and self-trust. Perhaps give them guidance, as they grow and have different experiences, on recognizing what their mind and body are intuitively telling them – how to interpret it clearly. And how to remain clear-headed when others urge them to go against their own inner guidance says. Things we have learned on our own about following or not following it. Of course, most of us still learn most through experience. But it sure would help to have an adult to talk to about this stuff – many kids are very much aware and awake, but our main-stream culture does not support this discussion.

      I agree with my daughter – she says it is time for a cultural revolution.

  7. Kindness

  8. That they ARE the Univere – that we all exist in connection with each other and all of creation. That we are the substance of which stars are made. That we are the “eyes” that witness creation, we are consciousness. For this is the place from which love, kindness, The Golden Rule and integrity originate. To harm “other” is to harm “self.” To love “other” is to love “self” and vice versa.

    • Lovely. This links beautifully with Rick’s comments, I think.

  9. Morals and ideals are important in life but mean nothing unless made a reality through life chooses… Example; If you want to be taken serious do you lie, cheat and be lazy or do you tell the truth, not cheat and try to clean your room?

  10. respect food and never throw it away

  11. how to express their feelings & emotions in a healthy way
    Respect, compassion & empathy for self and others
    tools for de-stressing (meditation, yoga, creativity)

  12. To do things, with confidence and get them done right so you don’t loose sleep over it. This is a great motto to live each day by, and if you can get your family to live by it, you will have succeeded so hugely as a loving parent. It goes the same for “To do on to others as you would have done to yourself”.

  13. To teach them to love life and live it to the fullest, and that they have control of their faith and emotions. Do so by example.

  14. manners. no matter how rich or poor you are, can go anywhere if you have been taught how to behave in social situations/events and how to treat others in those situations. of course, a lot comes to mind like respect for yourself, others and the environment

  15. Manners and respect for other people. It’s sorely lacking in most people today.

  16. Compassion. Empathy is one of the most important qualiites a person can cultivate and in teaching our children to be compassionate toward others, it will help them in building meaningful relationships… in their personal lives and in their communities.

  17. Mindfulness

  18. Compassion.

  19. “teaching” is unnecessary, if “example” is displayed!

  20. That no matter what they are going through or feeling always pray. Pray for the good, the bad, the scary, the mean, the hated and the loved…everything. Also, that God allows us to go through seasons in our life. As a Christian life will be a hundred times harder since the world is turning away from God but even though things will not always be good you must stay strong in your faith and know that Gods plan is far better than the one we thought of. God made each of us for a special purpose and possible a million special purposes so live into that and know that if you do for His glory He will shine through you.

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