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Why do you eat organic?

Written by Jesse Richardson on December 04, 2011 with 49 Comments

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Organic Farm

Photo Courtesy of Golf Course Home.

More and more often, you hear people arguing in support of organic food and agriculture that uses principles of organic or traditional farming techniques. Amongst the noise, though, it’s important to really understand the rationale behind eating organic. Let’s step back for a moment and reflect: why is it that you choose to eat organic food, as well as local or self-cultivated¬† food?

Is it something morally or ethically compelling? Perhaps nutritional? Taste? Or do you support organic, sustainable farming to avoid industrial agriculture?


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  1. Simply put, I want to avoid “questionable” pesticides and additives. At times though, the organic price on fresh produce is ridiculous and I won’t buy it and resort to conventional. However, I won’t buy ANY conventional produce that are known for high levels of pesticides. (e.g., strawberries, peaches, apples)

  2. I eat organic because I have Hepatitis C and try really hard to keep all toxins out of system.Even before Hep C I was almost all organic but now I really try hard to keep it clean as possible. I feel great!!

  3. Because oil and agriculture should not be synonymous. Because economic slavery and massive gender inequity / discrimination is abhorrent. Because rationalizing environmental damage on a risk-assessment scale that assesses the living in terms of short-sighted economic units is abusive if not evil. And, because it tastes better too.

  4. If I have the choice between Organic or not, I’ll pick Organic. No doubt there. BUT I will be looking for the USDA organic seal.
    Not that I don’t trust my local farmers, but for what I have read (for the past 2 years), it looks like anyone can claim a product “organic” without having to back it up, unless you have that seal.
    I’m probably paranoid but reading and watching those stories about unsanitary restaurant and farms, I’d rather be safe than sorry… it’s the seal or no deal. LOL

    I choose “Certified Organic” because it’s guaranteed without pesticides / harsh chemicals but also because the traceability is guaranteed. It’s important to know what/who handled those products, from the earth to your plate.
    I’m with H about the taste. Try Portobello mushrooms from Walmart and from your local Organic farmer. Only one taste right! :o )

  5. I started buying and growing organically for the health of my children. After I did some research into all of the additives in processed foods, such as artificial food dyes and sweeteners, I decided not to support companies who were so willing to put these horrible ingredients in their foods…especially foods marketed to children. Don’t even get me started on pesticides and GMOs!!!

    • Love your site! Just recently found it and I’m really enjoying it, thank you.
      I started eating organic because I was experiencing a lot of pain from immune disorders. Eating organic every single chance I get makes all the difference (along with other healthy practices, too, of course : ) ). I prefer giving my money to businesses that support an organic lifestyle and to the farmers that grow organically. I also find the taste SO much better. I feel cleaner inside, not only physically but mentally. I think the more people read, the more they will lean into and embrace organic!

  6. I eat organic because I value my health so much.
    If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

  7. Organic – is food as it is meant to be eaten. Food that is processed junk, GMO, full of pesticides and hormones as well as antibiotics…. are the root cause for certain cancers and exotic immune diseases which did not exist before food-processing and “industrial agriculture” took over.

  8. Moreover organic food is sustainable for the individual, farmers and the environment.

  9. I eat organic, because my health is extremely important, and our non organic food chain will kill you.

  10. We eat organic because we love and respect our bodies to give it only the healthiest foods. We feel very fortunate that we can buy and eat organics. It’s also about a higher level of respect for nature. Food that is grown by the sun, rain and all the natural insects too.

    Organic food tastes so delicious unlike the heavily processed, gmo’s, or “unnatural” foods that are farmed with tonnes of chemicals. The sprayed veggies and fruit have a heavy chemical smell on them I just can’t ignore. The celery is crisp, the onions are very strong, the apples are so flavorful, the lettuce stays crisp and lasts longer. The list goes on.

    We support organics because we want to support our local smaller farmer as well. The foods haven’t been shipped from long distances and keep their nutritional value.

    There are so many reasons why we support organics.

  11. I eat organic because I have some major self-love. Why would I want toxins in my body, which is the true home I live in? And then there is the love I have for my other home, this amazing planet of ours. I have found that what is good for the planet happens to be what is good for me too!

  12. I eat Organic because I want the best, most nutritious food for my family and eating poison soaked food raised in dead soil is not the best or most nutritious food. If you knew someone sprinkled cyanide on your oatmeal would you feed it to your kids? NO! Glyphosate is just as poisonous, and belongs nowhere near my dinner table! I was raised on organic food that grew in rich compost enhanced soil, and we just picked it and called it regular food. That’s what it is, regular food. The worst thing we had to worry about was if Mom missed rinsing off a speck of dirt from the spinach! They need to come up with some other word for “conventionally” raised food, because chemicals designed for warfare poured on food certainly don’t seem very conventional to me!

  13. When I’m not eating from my organic garden, I’m buying organic foods – for all the reason above. In addition, I want to support the companies that produce organic food because they usually (large corporations have gotten into the organic act) have the right idea of taking care of the earth and follow the 3 P’s – people, planet, profit, not just profit, profit, profit!

  14. I eat organic because I learned that pesticides can block important nutrients of the food I am consuming. If I am not getting the nutrients I need, then I will consume more food to try to get them which has the consequence of weight gain. Long term, this sends us down the destructive path of obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and early death.

  15. I eat organic because it just tastes so much better than the conventional food! I follow Suzanne Somers’ Sexy Forever program, and I read her book, as well. She has inspired me to re-think what I am putting into mine, as well as my family’s, bodies. Let’s face it, food just isn’t as nutritious today as it was twenty-five years ago, thanks to genetic engineering, pesticides (for produce), and growth hormones and antibiotics (meats, poultry). I can’t afford to buy everything organic (yet), but I am noticing a trend in products at the supermarkets; they are offering more and more “natural” products. And I believe that if more people speak up, the price of organic products will come down. I have already found less expensive organic eggs in Wal-Mart here, and many other items. Let our voices be heard!!

    • Marilu Henner has a similar book and I’ve read it. I, too, am trying to transition to eating more organic foods. I was actually inspired by my youngest daughter whom I visited recently after the birth of my granddaughter. I was surprised at how much better certain things taste. After some brief research, I decided I would start with the foods that are most likely to be contaminated with pesticides or tainted with hormones and the like. I figure if I can’t afford to do it all the way, or find everything I like in an organic version, I can at least start by doing that. I’m also noticing that more ‘conventional’ grocery stores are carrying more organic choices.

  16. I want what’s best for my family. Ingesting pesticides is definately not something we want to do.

  17. I eat organic because I do not want to purposely ingest toxins! Organic food is better for our health and for the environment. Also, I want to support those farmers and companies that are doing things the right way. It’s called voting with your dollars.

  18. i eat organic because it makes me feel happy and pure

  19. this looks like a great site…..we are getting a whole foods store in tallahassee soon……thinking about doing some planter boxes and start growing organic vegetables here in NW Florida that the deer will have a harder time getting to……

  20. I eat organic foods because they are more nutrition and taste a little better.

  21. I eat organic because I do not want to eat food that was grown using chemicals.

  22. I am a new researcher in the ideology of eating organic. I don’t know yet where I can start, where I can shop for non-abused raised food. I do look forward to learning more, I look forward to the journey, no matter how long it takes to achieve. One step at a time, and each level I accomplish will allow my conscious to feel better about my contributions for a more humane way of raising and processing food.

  23. Because it’s the right thing to do. A symbiotic relationship with mother Earth, is what we should strive for.

  24. I eat organic because I do not want to eat GMO food

  25. The rise in incidence of chronic diseases tells us the more we move away from nature, the more disastrous it is for our race. I’m not at a hundred percent organic yet but that’s the destination..

  26. I support local farmers who grow real, nutritious, wholesome food. Let’s keep our soil alive and happy, free of chemicals pesticides and herbicides <3

  27. I support local farmers too, I believe farmers should be able to decided whether or not they should use patent seeds or not.

  28. “We’re like corn chips walking because we really have a very, very large fraction of corn in our diets, and we actually can’t help it because it’s an additive in so many of the foods we find on the market shelves,” Dawson says.

  29. i believe eating healthy comes first.there are 10 foods that is a rule to eat organic.overall grow your own food,wash what you buy well (lemon and alkaline water)is great for cleaning fruits and vegetables,stay away from boxed foods,and drink alkaline water,and exercise.i am aiming to become a small time farmer………….

  30. so my reply is………………………….so my body can run at full-throttle….
    i feel great………………….
    my skin looks and feels great ,and is healthy………………
    od course the aging process……………….

    WE ARE WHAT WE EAT………………………

  31. hey who goes to north ogden jr high

  32. IDK what the difference is between the two… i eat what i want to and dont realy care. i have abeautiful figure and idont think it matters what i eat as long as i exercise.

  33. how about you guys give me the money, so i can eat organic, better yet…come on over to my place and cook my meals. i can’t.

  34. I would like to add one more item to your list of reasons why to buy organic: by supporting organics we also vote for the health of the farm workers, it is a socially responsible thing to do.

  35. I eat organic so in my present and not so distant future I am healthy and so is the earth. We are codependent on the health of each other.

    • I think you’ve just captured the answer peclfrtey

  36. I know that GMO’s are potenially dangerous. I got some tomatoes from a local farmers market. The seeds were already sprouting inside the tomatoes. I saved the seeds, planted them the next spring. Tomato plants came up from the seeds, along with a plant I would never have suspected to come from a tomato. A chinaberry tree. China berry seeds are much bigger than tomato seeds, so I would know the difference. Out of all the plants that grew from the seeds, I had one very small tomato on one vine. Later on, the seller of the tomatoes said he was told that if the seeds were planted, vines would not produce fruit. He never said I may have a china berry tree from them. BTW, there are no chinaberry trees within miles of my house.
    Also, in the last year, I have developed an allergy to Amoxicillin. I had been taking it for years prior to dental visits. I am a 53 yr old female, who loves dairy products, who suddenly developed an allergy to an antibiotic.

    • Have you tried raw milk?

  37. It upsets me to read through the comments & see that people don’t want to spend the “extra” money on certain, or eat entirely Organic foods. I always tell people who pick at my diet, or say I am “one of those people, who can afford it” .. which I assure you all is furthest from the truth.. that medical bills for diseases GMOs could cause are MORE expensive! My health, vitality, & over all well being is really important to me, as it should be to every one.

  38. I eat organically as I have so many food allergies, now I find I can eat food I couldnt in the past so even tho there is apparently no GMO food in Australia, It must be what they spray it with. My daily heartburn and reflux is absolutely gone, tho I still will not test cucumber and watermelon as the reaction is so severe. One thing my son and I say its worth the extra money as we feel so much better. We tested organic eating for just two weeks including dairy, My son can drink milk now and no tonsilitis or asthma and there is no way I can go back to poisoning us. Once you have opened the door to such a health revolution there is no going back. We were both so ill, Ok so we cant afford a lot of other things as it is expensive, but in the terms of health thats priceless and a sacrifice I am willing to keep going with. Go Organic you have my 100 percent support, we support our little local organic market and we do have to get some organic produce at woolies , well worth it

  39. i eat organic……but mostly i eat fresh & foods that make my body healthy.
    food as medicine.especially traveling or being on a budget.
    take some kale,garlic,onion,thyme,turmeric,cardoman,cumin,ginger,and you are good to go.each 1 of those spices 7 herb has benefits.
    cardoman-detoxifying from the mint family
    garlic-anti fungal sulfur food
    onions-good for the metobolism
    kale-greens….detox,oxygen in the blood stream for energy,being alive

    food as medicine
    oh yes carrots-vitaminb….skin,depression,anxiety,energy

    it is creative………………
    so i eat healthy if it is organic,i wash it with 11.5 akaline water just like i do conventional.

    apples,again another good food as medicine and not costly.
    i sometimes feel the mainstream is using organic to make money!what do you think.grow your own food.your way.the fresh way

  40. I try to avoid GMO’s at all cost which is why I only eat organic. I try to live my life as healthy as possible.

  41. I eat mostly organic because it is 99% sure to be GMO free. I have a GMO FB page called “Let’s be GMO free” It is growing fast. Please join me there.Check it out

  42. I eat organic because I don’t want to add any synthetic chemicals or GMOs in my body. It also helps the environment and typically treat the animals better. All good things all around :)


    Why can’t we go back to our most successful ancestors…. You know >>> the ones that to took us to the dance. History shows Neanderthals were our most successful Gene Pool and we are proof!

    What was their diet… We call it a caveman diet today.
    Hunting and gathering the sustenance that the organic earth could provide >>>at that time<<<. For a very long long time…
    Time to form what we call our natural instincts. That indisputable fact that you and I exist are directly due to a super successful way of life that our ancient ancestors used so we can still be at the dance today. Emulating this perfect diet is part of the answer

    So here we are: growing in every conceivable direction. Unfortunately our fortunes have turned to big and getting bigger.
    Our modern way of life might may be doing irreparable harm to future generations and thus our evolutionary success. Genetics and more powerful and better distributed sales techniques for the sake of shareholders is fooling with mother nature. I ask you who will win this war?

    I firmly believe we will go down in history as the "doomed era" slowly killing ourselves.

    What's the solution? Most would say there is no answer.

    Well now I am proud to say I have proof of concept that we can combined the best of what brought us to the dance with ultra safe breakthrough modern research to stop and reverse the obesity pandemic.

    With other breakthrough game changers to follow.

    I can show anyone what I discovered using natural evolution as a permanent solution to maintain any weight that you control easily without stress mentally or physically.

    Never go hungry again.
    Say no thank you to any crazy starvation diet.
    Finally having super human will power is never needed.

    Sounds to good to be true. Unfortunately, believe it not, this is the only detrimental part of my protocol.

    I have no idea who will read this…. please look it over… Pay this forward to the millions that are in dire straits with weight control and are in jeopardy of leaving this dance early.

    My best to you and yours….. JT

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  45. I’m a 54 yo obese female who has basically eaten whatever I wanted whenever I wanted most of my life. Sure I did the yo yo diet thing many times. Weight Watchers. Nutrisystem. Atkins. WW again. I lost, but gained it all back every time. With a few extra.
    Although obese, I’ve been a healthy person. True I couldn’t run for my life, but I wasn’t a total couch potato. Meaning, I’ve had no sick doctor visits, no ER visits, take no medications… Prescription or over the counter.
    But…. Enter menopause. Yeah. Add a broken leg that I sustained while ziplining followed by 10 weeks of non- weight bearing … And soon I was experiencing aches and pains I never had before. The ortho doc said I would have arthritis in that joint. And I felt it.
    In July of 2013, In the middle of a kitchen remodel home improvement project we were doing…we were eating the junkiest of junk and fast food since we had no actual kitchen, i noticed my blood pressure was reading high. What??? Nooooooo.
    Ok, so maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had a serious love affair with the salt shaker. Not unlike a heroin addict. I salted everything. Loved it. But I knew it was probably affecting my blood pressure. And I knew I didn’t love salt enough to have to take medication because of it.

    My number one goal is to not have to take prescription medications.

    So, I quit the salt shaker cold turkey. Then I started learning “the Truth ” about food and the “American” diet.
    I watched a documentary film called “Vegucated”. At the end of the film, I quit eating meat.

    I learned a lot about processed foods. Oh wow. Who knew? Not me.
    I felt like a mushroom …. Kept in the dark and fed a lot of bs.

    I learned everything I could about Organic food. I started buying all organic that was on the dirty dozen list. Then I switched to all organic.

    I have continued to educate myself and have changed the way I look at food and what I eat drastically. I have implemented each permanent change separately and didn’t add another change until I knew the previous one was permanent.

    I never use a salt shaker.
    Buy Organic. Everything.
    I drink water almost exclusively. Well, I drink organic coffee a few times a week.
    I drastically limit processed, packaged food. If it has ingredients I can’t identify or pronounce, I don’t eat it. I actually try to avoid it if it has a label to begin with.
    We now purchase only raw milk. Yep. Right from the cow. From the organic local farm where I am a CSA member now. :) . We get our eggs from the same farm too.
    I am eating a little meat again a few times a month. Only grass fed, local organic beef and chicken. Occasional Coho wild salmon.
    Carbs are my enemy. They are mostly “processed” foods. Pasta used to be my all time favorite. Without it for a few months, I tried it … And was very disappointed. It was blah. Bland. I’ll take a few roasted beets and sweets instead!
    So far, I’ve lost 17 lbs, but who’s counting? The best part is…..(drum roll)….
    No Pain. Ever! That arthritic pain in my leg has disappeared! I Sleep great. Feel great!

    Go ORGANIC! It makes a difference!

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