About Organic Soul

Organic Soul offers articles, advice, reviews, and ideas on natural, organic and green living, spirituality, holistic health and wellness, and sustainability.  Living a natural, holistic, and sustainable (eco-friendly) lifestyle should be simple and attainable for everyone. Organic Soul is here to guide you on the most natural purest ways to live! Organic Soul is the unique driving force of your being.

Our Mission

Organic Soul’s mission is to provide a unique and informative resource regarding natural and pure living, as well as sustainable practices. It is our hope that individuals and organizations alike will utilize Organic Soul for both personal edification and guidance in pursuit toward a more environmentally conscientious, purer living. By adopting such a way of life, we as individuals in effect promote sustainable practices and facilitate care for the environment. Helping develop such a livelihood in our users is the goal of Organic Soul.

The Organic Soul Vision: A Way of Life

Habit /hăb'ĭt/ or /ˈhæbɪt/ – an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

Trend /trӗnd/ or /trɛnd/ – current style; vogue.

Perhaps most importantly, our users should realize that Organic Soul does not aim at being “trendy” or “in fashion”. While the ‘Green Revolution’, as some call it, has indeed grown in popularity, it is imperative that caring for our bodies, minds, and environment never goes ‘out of style’.  The term Mother Earth encompasses a number of implications; earth is our carriage, our creator, and our lifeline. Thus, taking care of our planet and ourselves should never be in question. This isn’t a trend or a fashion statement; it’s a necessity for a better way of life.

Additionally, Organic Soul wholeheartedly supports corporate social responsibility and a commitment to the environment. Business is not exempt in taking the world around us into consideration. In that sense, Organic Soul supports the TBL or Triple Bottom Line (people, planet, profit), which dictates a range of “values and criteria” for establishing and measuring successful practices and projects. We recognize that private business is of vital importance to our way of life and in many ways facilitates personal innovation and liberty; however, taking the social structure and environment into consideration should always trump the profit margin.

At the heart of our beings is our soul; we must cherish, nurture, and always develop it in the purest and most conscientious ways. Embrace the world around you. Embrace your Organic Soul.

You can read more about our ethics and you can contact us for more information.