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Keeping it Ethical: Advertising with Organic Soul

Looking to advertise to your target audience? Organic Soul is growing in popularity at an unprecedented rate, and the future looks only more promising. By advertising at Organic Soul, you’ll be giving your product a strategic position in appealing to thousands of daily users who are directly in your niche.

Organic Soul is the ideal website for any natural or environmentally-minded company looking for cost efficient marketing to a specific audience. Organic Soul offers premier services and locations for product placement, sure to capture the reader’s attention.

At the same time, Organic Soul is dedicated to providing those readers only with specific, reliable, and relevant products. Every product and company goes under careful review, leaving you to be certain that no other advertisements will detract from or obscure your message.

Organic Soul and our users are interested in natural, holistic, and sustainable practices, as well as pure, environmentally mindful lifestyles. If your product reflects these interests, Organic Soul is the premier destination for your advertisement.

Types of Advertising

  1. Promoted content articles
  2. On-site display advertising
  3. Social media campaigns
  4. Email marketing

The Organic Soul Promise to Our Readers

Organic Soul is dedicated to its readers. Following that principle, we demand reliable, relevant content from contributors, and we extend that demand to our advertisers. Please note: we reserve the right to choose selectively the companies and products featured on the site. For more information, see our ethics page for details concerning the Organic Soul stance, or contact us with specific questions.

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