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How can I get my article published on

Go to the Write For Us page. You will find a full and detailed explanation of the published article guidelines. When you are ready to contribute, simply enter your name and email address to register your interest as an Organic Soul Author.

How do I sign up for daily inspiration emails?

You will see throughout the website that there is a green box on the right-hand side labelled ‘Get Daily Inspiration'. Then just enter your best email address into this box and click the green button that says ‘Sign Up For Free'. You should then almost immediately receive an email from us that you will need to read and click a confirmation link to say that you give permission for us to email you.

I have a new email address. How can I get my daily inspirations emails sent to this one instead of my old one?

Using the instructions in the previous question, just sign up again with your new email address. You can now forget your old email address.

How can I unsubscribe from the daily inspiration emails?

We never want to send unwanted emails and that is why if you scroll to the very bottom of each email you receive from us, there will be a text link you can click that says ‘unsubscribe'.

How do I advertise on

We have a range of solutions for brands that are interested in reaching our targeted and highly engaged audience. For more details go here.