Our Ethics

Here at Organic Soul, we strongly believe that proper ethics transcend beauty or ease and that providing accurate information is of utmost importance. While there are a number of ethical codes and norms, we subscribe to tenets of journalistic integrity, honesty, and fairness.

The Organic Soul Code of ethics, enumerated below, provides a detailed description of our ethical stance in regards to both our function and our ideals.

Organic Soul Core Values and Promises

1. Accountability

As journalists, we hold ourselves accountable to our readers. Integrating a fair and open discussion, via any medium, is a necessity in providing an unvarnished truth. In that, whenever either our staff or our audience discovers an error, we promise to promptly investigate and correct any mistakes. It is our mission to provide truthfulness and accuracy in all of our stories.

In addition, we fully subscribe to the principle of treating your audience equally to any private party. As many organizations acknowledge, the audience is our employer. Therefore, any exchange will be treated with the utmost amount of civility and professionalism.

Furthermore, Organic Soul strongly encourages and requires journalistic integrity among its writers. Not only do we believe that providing the best, most accurate information is necessary, but also that it is our duty to provide any counter arguments or claims that may further constructively detail any topic.

In this, we both urge and facilitate ethical decision making on behalf of our staff.  Any person who knowingly plagiarizes or falsifies information will be dealt with immediately; Organic Soul will never tolerate disinformation.

2. Acquiring Information

Whenever a contributor develops a story on behalf of Organic Soul, we require that all information be gathered fairly and professionally. Organic Soul and its staff always aims at gathering the most up-to-date, relevant, and accurate information in order to better inform and satisfy our readers.

Similarly, whenever Organic Soul provides an interview or personal story, we will always consult those involved regarding the disclosure of identity.  It is our mission to protect the security and comfort of providing individuals or organizations, and Organic Soul will always stand by this principle.

3. Advertisement

As stated above, Organic Soul treats all parties, including advertisers, fairly and openly.  We strongly abide by the principle that the relationship between the “company and advertisers rests on the understanding that news and advertising are separate – that those who deal with either one have distinct obligations and interests, and each group respects the other's professional responsibilities.”

Similarly, in keeping with the mission and values of Organic Soul, our marketing team constantly works at providing legitimate ad sources that provide accurate and genuine information and/or products and Organic Soul will never sell our users information without their consent.

4. Reviews

First, Organic Soul will never review a product that directly conflicts with the sites interest. All reviews will be conducted in a fair and open manner, and any review published represents the writer’s opinion, and does not reflect the opinion of Organic Soul as an independent entity.

It is our attempt in this to accurately provide any information, either good or bad, about any product to better inform our readers. However, it must be understood that all reviews are opinion based stories, and are thus treated in a such a fashion.


To reiterate, Organic Soul applies its values and promises to all aspects of its journalism and to all of its contributors. Any violation of these tenets will be corrected with haste, and we strongly urge our audience to contact us with any concerns or comments.

Developing one’s Organic Soul does not stop with healthy eating or sustainability. Rather, it is through a thorough integration of values, applied to both living and ethics, that one truly becomes organic in their being.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our ethics.