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  1. Contribute to a positive movement.
    – Our audience and community are passionate about personal growth and self-improvement. Align yourself with our mission of spreading enlightened ideas and new ways of thinking, helping people to become their very best selves.
  2. Expose your brand or business to a loyal and engaged audience.
    Our audience is growing exponentially with nearly 600,000 visitors per month, along with a growing social media following.
    All articles that we post are shared across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  3. Expand your portfolio and cement your reputation as an expert.
    – By building your writing portfolio at, not only will you gain more exposure, but you will enhance your reputation in front of the right, targeted audience. This can extend to further opportunities such as speaking and teaching engagements as well as potential book and training courses published by
  4. Support from our editorial team.
    – Our editorial team will review your article before it is published to ensure that it achieves maximum exposure with an engaging title and eye-catching photograph/image.
  5. Author Credit And Acknowledgement.
    – All articles are accompanied by an author box including photograph, bio, links to your social media profiles and website.

The Article Guidelines

  • Original content – We can only publish articles that are original, unique and written especially for We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted anywhere else online – or ones that you plan to distribute to other websites in the future. This will allow Google and all other search engines to pick up and index the content as a new and unique article. This is better for your article and better for
  • Word count – There is no minimum but we suggest 300-800 words as they tend to do well. This is not a strict rule, however if you need to use more words to express what you need to say, then this is fine. Shorter articles may be provided if commentating on a video, with a unique intro or personal take to engage the viewer’s interest.
  • Tone – Reading one or two articles on before you submit an article will help you understand the tone we like to use when engaging our audience.
    Conversational voice – Write in your own voice, in the same way that you would speak to a friend.
  • Titles – The title can make or break the success of an article. For the very best chance of a successful article, it must have a title that arouses curiosity for visitors to click through and read. Our Editorial Team will test out the best headline to match your article.
  • Use plain English – Many readers will be new explorers on their own personal growth journey, so we prefer to use plain English instead of industry jargon. For example, if you're writing about yoga, we like to explain poses this way: Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). This is also helpful to keep in mind if you're writing about ancient forms of medicine (such as traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda).
  • Introduction – Begin the article with a good catchy introduction to engage the reader.
  • Structure – For online articles, it’s best to break up long paragraphs into short ones. It makes longer posts easier on the eye and less intimidating. Readers will be much more likely to read the whole article.
    Get straight to the point and break any tips or advice up into lists, steps, bullets or even “How To” guides. Use compelling sub-headings to maintain reader interest. The most important thing to remember is that it should be easy to read and understand.
  • Links for evidence and references – If your article mentions a statistic or results from a study please include a link to the relevant source. If your article makes a claim, it must be backed up with evidence. You can link to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets – this will provide the reader to opportunity investigate further and develop a better understanding. Please place any links inside square brackets within the article content as close to the referenced copy as possible.
    E.g. “According to a new government study, 8% of Americans meditate [URL] and these new findings have also revealed that….
  • Note of caution – We will not publish articles containing self-promotional links and references within submitted articles. We do not publish advertorials, infomercials, eulogizing press releases or links to product pages or businesses unless it adds value to the reader. If your article contains links to self-promotional sites or to low-quality, less relevant or churned content solely intended for SEO, this will result in submissions being rejected.

Style Guidelines

  • Title Case Article Titles
  • Title Case And Bold All Article Sub-headlines
  • Any number over (more than) nine is written numerically. E.g. seven, 42, 188, seven ways, 11 tips. (Unless it is the first word in a sentence. E.g. Ninety years ago.)
  • DO NOT put words in caps, bold or underline for emphasis. To emphasis a point – please italicize..
  • When using commas in a list, do not use a comma after the last item before the “and” or “or.”
  • When starting a new sentence, only use one space after a period, not two.
  • Do not credit a quote by placing the person’s name at the end of the quote with a dash/hyphen before it. Please use the tilde symbol ‘~' followed by a space before the name on the line below the quote. E.G. ~ Dalai Lama
  • Correctly use abbreviations. E.g. not Eg; p.m. not pm.
  • When submitting a photo that belongs to someone else please contain the credit within the article. E.g. Photo Credit: (name) [URL]

Article Photo Guidelines

Providing a photo to accompany your article is generally not required as the editorial team will source suitable images for your content. However there will be certain types of articles that will require you to provide high-quality original images (see below).
If you want to provide a suitable non-copyrighted image, you can use photo sharing sites like Flickr Creative Commons.

For recipe submissions please include an original, high-quality photo of your prepared dish. Here are some guidelines for your photo:

  • Landscape format, not portrait.
  • Use natural daylight.
  • Neutral coloured tableware and backgrounds are preferred.
  • The background should be a clean, plain and natural surface. Examples of this include white granite, cream linen, light grey or natural wood.
  • Make the food the star of the show. Avoid using too many props, keep it minimal such as a slice of lemon, a garnish of basil or strategically positioned cutlery.
  • Provide a range of shots. Include full view shots, through to close-up shots. Make good use of the macro function on your camera!

Health and Fitness
Examples of topics that fall within this category: workouts, Yoga, weight loss, Qigong…
Here are some guidelines for your original, high-quality photo(s):

  • Main photo: landscape format, not portrait.
  • Additional photos: can be landscape or portrait.
  • Use natural daylight.
  • Include you or a model completing the pose/sequence/routine described in your article.
  • Clearly label each photo with the pose/move being demonstrated.
  • If you wish to provide a short video too, this is ok. Please ensure that this is purely instructional and included no self-promotion.

Author Box Guidelines
When submitting your first article to, you must also provide:

  • A professional bio (up to 100 words).
  • Optionally, you can also provide URL’s for your:
  • Professional website
  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Head-shot photo. Ensure that this is in colour and at least 300 x 300 pixels with the head centred and sufficient padding. Please do not show any branding. Our editorial team can crop and re-size your photo if required.
    author picture sample

What Makes A Great Post?

The prime objective and focus of is to add value for the reader whilst providing inspiration to learn and grow. Consider these questions.

  • Is this article educational, inspiring and informative?
  • What common problem does this article solve?
  • Are there any lessons, ‘take-aways’ or any actionable tips that can be applied almost immediately?
  • Does the title arouse any curiosity?
  • Does the introduction entice interest to continue reading?
  • • Does the article articulate a sense of authority or expertise?

Submission And Editorial Process – Start To Finish

  1. Read and understand all the information provided on this page.
  2. Write your article (and prepare all relevant accompaniments if required).
  3. Ensure that the final checklist is satisfied before submission.
  4. Submit your article and photo. Please only submit one article at a time – unless you are a regular contributor and it has been agreed with the editorial team.
  5. Depending on queued submissions, your article will be published within 7-14 days of submission.
  6. If your article is accepted you will receive an email from our editorial team with a link to the published article. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to all unsuccessful submissions, but we will try our best.
  7. Once the article is published, please share and feature your work on your website, in your portfolio, social networks, etc… the more you can cast your net to share your message, the more traction, reach and traffic your work will get. We will also share the article to all of our social media audience.

Final Checklist For Submission To

Please note that before submitting your article, you will be asked to acknowledge and agree each of the following:

  • You accept the terms & conditions and any form of editing that may be carried out by the editorial team.
  • The content you provided is unique, original and has not been previously published online.
  • Your prime objective and focus for any article is to add value for the reader.
  • has “free to use” rights to the article/content in perpetuity.
  • You will not publish this article elsewhere in the future.

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