10 Tips For Mental Wellness

Over time, our every day stressors can bring us down. Whether it’s the news, work, family responsibility, or just the plain wear-and-tear of life, at times it can seem like too much.

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The burdens of life weigh heavy on our shoulders, and we’re left counting down the days until the next vacation, the next little slice of ‘fun’ – the next break. Here are some simple tips to make that burden feel a little less heavy, or perhaps hardly there at all.

Number 1. Organize

One of the main reasons we get on edge is because we encounter things we didn’t plan or couldn’t foresee. These rouge waves of life will happen regardless, but with good organization on your part, you can minimize the occurrence and make sure that you contribute little to their existence. Sit down with a daily planner or get a calendar for your desk. Time constraints created by running around or forgetting things stresses you out as well as the people around you. Take a minute, organize, and follow your plans!

Number 2. Treat Your Body Well

One staple of a healthy, happy life is good nutrition and proper body maintenance. Make sure you have a well-rounded diet, which is possible (believe it or not) with good organization and well-calculated trips to the store.  I choose 3-4 meals I’d like to be able to have any day, get a nice stock pile, and then day-to-day I’m able to put whatever I want together. Waking up an extra 30 minutes early and making lunch is a great habit to get into! It requires for you to go to bed a bit earlier, as sleep is vital, but it’s well worth it.

Number 3. Exercise

There are always the two sides to the healthy body coin – the diet and the exercise. You can’t give yourself a really healthy body unless both sides are maintained. That said, develop a exercise regimen. Shoot for at least 30 minutes a day, unless you can spare more time, in which case devote an hour.  It doesn’t make a difference if it's jogging or resistance training, as long as you’re keeping active.

Number 4. Express yourself

Don’t try to bottle up every emotion and thought. Self-expression is a great thing, and it helps us maintain a good attitude. Think of a few activities you’d love to do through out the week and try to make at least one of them happen – maybe a trip to the museum or beach? Whatever it is, let your true self reveal itself. If you can do that, then you can be yourself.

Number 5. Laugh Everyday

Laughter really is the best medicine. Chemically, it stimulates the brain and literally makes us feel better. It’s good for those around us too. So crack a funny joke, or enjoy a good laugh with your coworkers. Whatever it is, laugh!

Number 6. Practice Humility

While you should always have self-confidence, reflect on yourself and know your faults. Don’t be ashamed of them, but rather aware of what they are and how you can work on them. Accept it – you’re not perfect!

Number 7. Avoid the ‘Sins’

Drugs and alcohol offer the easy solution out, but they come with a price: dependence. This should be a tax too burdensome on any, as you should always know you can work through life with your own character and spirit if it ever required it. Instead of these, find the beautiful, happy things in life and cherish them.

Number 8. Accept the past, but don’t forget it

Some people suggest forgetting the past – don’t do it! The past is what we learn from; it is life’s great teacher. Unfortunately, the minute we forget the past is the minute we repeat it. That doesn’t mean we can’t accept it though. Know your past and its dilemmas, accept it, and move on.

Number 9. Know who you want to be and what you want to doPin It

Have goals as a person, both for your own character and for your life's pathway. A wise man once said the focus of our attention determines our reality. That said, focus hard on your goals. You’d be surprised of how attainable they are!

Number 10. Remember Why You’re Doing it

Always remember your loved ones and your reason for working so hard. Self-sacrifice is just that – sacrifice – but you can find solace in that when you need to. If you follow the tips above, and remember why it’s so important,  you be feeling better every day in no time. Here’s to life!

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