7 Natural Cures for Headaches

Few things can be worse than a really bad headache. The shooting pain – the throbbing in and out of tension – the feeling that this may just never go away. And while headaches may be symptoms of more serious diseases, these are among the most common afflictions of all people and usually do not point to something fatal. Looking for some natural ways to cure that headache? Well, look no further.

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Number 1. Water, and lots of it

One of the main causes of headaches is dehydration. That said, once you start feeling that you have a headache, try to gulp down a few glasses of water. Alternatively, drink a few cups of hot tea – this will relax you and get you the needed hydration. If you're sick, this is also the crux of any good curing method. Always remember that water is your filtering method: the more you drink, the more filtered (and clean) your body will be.

Number 2. Lemon

If you go with the tea route, also squeeze three to four lemons worth of juice into the hot tea. Drinking this will help further relax your muscles and provide some quick relief. Also, crush the lemon crust into a fine paste and apply it to the forehead. This is rumored to provide some relief in some, but not all people.

Number 3. Peppermint

For me, peppermint tea especially helps with headaches. Whatever it is about peppermint, it tends to ease the tension, relax my muscles, and help me focus on something other than that throbbing pain. If you want to step it up a notch, get some peppermint oil and place a small dab on your upper lip. This will clear up the nasal passages, smell great, and help ease the tension.

Number 4. Assorted Aromatherapy

In the spirit of the last suggestion, you may consider trying your hand at a number of aromatherapy-oriented cures. Along with peppermint, try sage, lemon verbena, dill, rose, lavender, violet, cloves, and orange peels. These all provide a soothing, yet invigorating cure for your headache. Probably the best way to use these is dabbing it under the nose, or combining this with the next suggestion.

Number 5. Take a Bath

One of the causes of normal tension headaches is contracted muscles that spasm and cause pain. The goal, then, is to relax. Try taking a hot bath and letting yourself rest your body. Add some of the aromatherapy discussed above to make it extra relaxing, but the scent shouldn’t distract you from the bath. Remember, you want to be able to focus on nothing. Just let your body melt away.

Number 6. Get away from the light!

Sometimes, headaches are caused by tension in our eyes from the light. Watching TV, playing video games, or reading online articles (uh oh) can stress your eyes because of the glow of artificial light. Because of this, you may want to consider getting into a nice, comfortable dark spot and shut your eyes for 20 or 30 minutes (or as long as needed). Have the cup of tea on the side, or make the dark spot your bathtub. In any case, give your eyes some rest time!

Number 7. Vinegars

There are a number of rumors circulating about the efficacy of vinegar as a cure for headaches, as well as the proper delivery method. First, some point to a brown paper bag soaked in apple vinegar. Place this on your forehead once it stops dripping and in just a few minutes the headache should go away. Apparently, this helps restore the ph balance that seems to be off whenever people have headaches. Also, it helps clear the sinuses.

Another way of using vinegar is to inhale the hot fumes or using it cold on a compress applied to the temples. Or, if you so desire, mix it in your tea as well. As you can see, there arPin Ite a few different ways of using vinegar, and there is no telling what will work best for you. The best thing about vinegar is that once you're done using it to cure your headache, you can use it to clean your bathroom!

Ahhh, Headache Free

There is truly no better feeling than that moment you realize you no longer have a headache. Hopefully, these tips get you there faster than otherwise. If you have any great home cures or can confirm that some of these work, please share with us below!

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