7 Surprising Ways Coconut Oil Can Help Your Skin

What is the one thing that works outside as well as inside you? I am talking about the wondrous coconut oil. It has come a long way from being an alternative cooking oil in American kitchens to an essential ingredient of many all-natural beauty products.

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Let's take a look at seven ways in which coconut oil does wonders for your skin

1. Prevents Infection And Acts As A Moisturizer

If you have minor cuts or scrapes, then coconut oil might be of great help to you. By acting as a safe barrier to prevent harmful bacteria or dirt entering the body, coconut oil prevents infection.

What are your thoughts on a multipurpose body moisturizer? Studies also point out to the fact that coconut oil is very effective at increasing hydration and preventing water loss from the skin thus preventing it from drying.

2.  All Natural Shaving Cream

Do you have very sensitive skin? Then coconut oil can save you. Apply coconut oil for the perfect leg shave. Conventional shaving creams are a mix of unwanted chemicals that might not do much good to your skin. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is not expensive and has anti-microbial properties. It's skin soothing properties will give your skin a hydrated but non-greasy look.

3. Exfoliator

What if I tell you all that money you spend on exfoliators is money down the drain. Because you can do the same with a combination of virgin coconut oil and sugar. Pour some coconut oil into a cup of sugar and then apply it on your skin. Rub the mixture to eliminate all the dead cells.

4. Relieve Skin Irritations

When you get sunburn or a bug bite, we are often confused about what to do. Coconut oil can provide a temporary relief with its moisturizing properties and can prevent skin peeling in the case of sunburns.

5. Helps In Removing Makeup

Apply coconut oil to your skin directly and the wipe it off with a warm cloth to remove makeup. Do you know that coconut oil can also remove waterproof mascara? Pour some on a cotton ball and then sweep it over your eyes gently. It leaves the delicate part hydrated and does a tidy job of breaking down the inky and waxy mascara.

6. Face Cleansing

Do you know that coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial? It also has properties which are anti-fungal and can fight atopic dermatitis. It's moisturizing properties make it eligible for use on face, especially at night time.

Try the coconut oil double cleansing method. Rub the oil in a circular motion over your neck and face. Use a cleanser to wash it off when you are done. Do avoid this technique if you are acne prone.

7. Soothes Dry Hands

If you are constantly on the move, this might not be an ideal choice. But, if you are home, coconut oil can work magic on your hands. Many everyday activities especially dishwashing can take a toll on your hands. So putting a little coconut oil on after washing your hands will soothe it. It is the best natural moisturizer. Use extra virgin coconut oil for better results.

Now, you also know what the devotees of coconut oil and advocates of its benefits were talking about. It is an excellent health and beauty product and not to forget that it is natural. It is also great for your hair and lips as well. If you are looking for tips to attain a younger and healthier skin this infographic will be of great help.
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So, what are you waiting for? Let's harness the goodness of coconut oil today.

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