8 Reasons You Need To Switch To Solar Power

As we become increasingly aware of higher energy prices and the need to reduce our household outgoings you might want to consider switching to using solar power as a clean, green way of powering your home.

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If you aren’t sure or need some ideas to help you on your way here are eight good reasons to switch to this type of energy. You might well be surprised by some of them.

1. It Really Is Better For The Environment

It might be obvious to some, but it really is the cleanest, greenest source of energy there is. There is nothing about solar power that pollutes either land, air or water.

It releases no greenhouse gasses. Barring needing a source of clean water to work, it uses absolutely no other resources. Therefore it’s safe and extremely environmentally sound.

2. It Uses Land That Can’t Be Used For Anything Else

Across the world, there are vast swathes of land that are not utilized for anything at all. Solar energy can make use of these spaces in a safe and healthy way, and provide a source of power for everyone.

3. There Is Less Loss Of Energy

If your source of power is on your roof, you’re less likely to lose energy than if you have your energy transported through miles and miles of cabling (and piping).

Your energy also becomes domestic rather than something that is provided by a company, so you’re in control of your usage and your own bills.

If you’re in control of your own bills, you won’t necessarily see the price increases and decreases that electricity suppliers place on their tariffs – these tend to occur either early in the morning or late at night as demand and supply rise and fall for each consumer.

4. Solar Power Helps To Slow Down Global Warming

As we strive to halt the effects of global warming, research has clearly shown that solar power and the installation of solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses can help reduce the problem, compared to wind farms and other eco-friendly methods of providing power, solar energy comes out on top in terms of helping to at least slow down how quickly the earth warms up.

5. It Provides Energy Security

No-one can have a monopoly on sunlight – and no energy company can buy it outright and hike prices up! Therefore solar power provides us with energy security.

The US military have been championing the efficacy and economic viability of solar power for many years and want to encourage it as a viable way of US citizens becoming more energy conscious.

6. You Can Achieve Energy Independence

Of course, there is the initial outlay and expense of having the panels installed, but once they are there on your roof, you’ve basically achieved independent energy status and can save yourself a great deal of money that would otherwise be going straight into the energy company’s pockets.

One country, in particular, the Ukraine, has managed to save around $3 billion in reduced gas and oil importing tariffs by simply switching to solar power and encouraging ordinary people to use it to power their homes.

Holt-pin7. Solar Power Creates A Lot Of Jobs

National economies can be helped by solar power. The more people that choose to go solar means there will be a greater need for companies to install the paneling on people’s houses.

This creates more jobs for skilled workers and helps to keep the economy growing rather than standing still.

8. Less Likely To Have Energy Blackouts

When a lot of consumers switch to using solar power, we become less likely to have electricity blackouts.

Every house that has solar cells on the roof becomes its own power station, which in turn gives us greater electricity grid control, particularly in terms of disasters, natural or otherwise that may have been caused by human error.

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