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I have reviewed many natural body care products, and have been very pleased with the quality of the products, but what I have found most interesting is the story behind the products; how the business came into being.  Beessential’s unique story is worth sharing.

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About six years ago, David and Amy Rzepka let a co-worker place a beehive on their family farm.  Through unseen circumstances, he was unable to tend to the hive and David and Amy became responsible for it.  They became beekeepers!  They found the science of bees and the culture surrounding bees fascinating and began attending workshops at The Ohio State University agricultural campus to learn more.  David soon discovered it was more than just the science of bees he was enjoying; he found that tending the bees became a time of reflection.

It was during this time that he realized how interconnected the bee’s world is to ours, any changes in our environment affected their environment as well.   His direction became clear.  He committed to make natural skincare and hair products using honey, beeswax, and other ingredients that are not only good for us, but also good for our world.

David and Amy’s business model has two thoughtful priorities.  One is to create high quality, ecologically friendly products using natural and renewable ingredients.  The other is charitable giving.  They donate 10 percent of their net profits to the customer’s charity of choice.

This business is a whole family experience; David and Amy have three children that have learned the business by working beside their parents.  They have watched and participated in growing a business from the ground up.  They have been encouraged to be involved giving their opinions, making products, and taking care of the bees.

Today, the Rzepka family produces a complete line of sulfate-free and paraben-free products for your hair, skin, and lips. I was fortunate enough to try the body lotion, bar soaps, and Buzz Balm.  Let me begin by saying I have already reordered more products, and the Original Honey Hand and Body Cream will become a staple in my home.

I work a lot with my hands, and it has become difficult to find a natural hand cream that is rich enough without feeling sticky. Beessential Original Honey Hand and Body Cream is amazing. This is a rich lotion!  The main ingredient is Cupuacu , which is loaded with rejuvenating antioxidants.  It also contains Shea butter, olive oil, honey, bees wax and propolis extract.

The other products I tried are the All Natural Body and Hand Soaps.  First, visually, they are beautiful.  The Honey and Lavender Soap has a soft lavender color with swirls of white.  I almost didn’t want to use this; it just looked so nice in my soap dish. In addition to their creativity with design, they offer a complete line of natural soaps designed for every skin type.  They range from soothing and healing to invigorating. Best of all, they only contain ingredients that are nourishing to your skin.Pin It

Finally, I sampled the Buzz Balm. This is a “fun” lip balm, with unique list of moisturizing ingredients.  It is made with a beeswax-based serum, Acai oil, Shea butter, Cupuacu butter, peppermint, and a bit of Yakama Pepper.

Other products I look forward to trying are the sulfate- free Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.  They also contain renewable ingredients from the bees including natural botanicals and extract,

Beessential is high-quality Natural Body Care with a conscience. When ordering yours, remember: Beessential wants to “pollinate society with charitable giving”. You are invited to directly designate, to the charity of your choice, 10 percent of Beecology’s net profits at How great is that!

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