Belle Terre Natural Organic Soap

What a beautiful company, Belle Terre, creators of natural and organic handcrafted soaps and lip balms. It has been such positive, aesthetic experience learning about them.  I was first drawn to the company by their artistic logo of a tree, and as I searched their site it became apparent they have a deep personal commitment to sustainability, reflected not only in their business but also in their lifestyle.

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Belle Terra was created in an effort to produce beautiful products that reflected their own ideals; to use only the highest quality organic ingredients and to use an eco-friendly approach to packaging, “helping to create a cleaner and healthier world for everyone”.  In addition to this commitment for their company, in their personal life, they are building their own home, growing their own food and following a plan to return to a much simpler lifestyle.

All the products are made on site in a small town in North Carolina.  They are all natural and handcrafted in small batches.  The soaps are made using a cold process soap method which allows it to retain the natural glycerin resulting in moisturized, smoother, softer skin.  The lip balms are made using the beeswax from their own “lovingly-kept” backyard hives. The products are vegan friendly and preservative free.

I can’t say enough about the products themselves.  The scents of the organic essential oil were all very pleasant, even the Patchouli which is a scent I usually don’t like, was subtle and nice. The soaps were gentle, moisturizing and lathered nicely!  I could even use them on my face without any drying effects; it also removed all my make-up nicely.Pin It

There are many beautiful soap options to choose from; Lavender Oatmeal, Lemongrass Shea, Patchouli and Sweet Orange to name a few.  The lip balms are made with natural beeswax and honey and come in mild scents of lavender, honey vanilla, mint and orange.  I enjoyed the soothing nature of the combination of lavender, beeswax and honey.

Belle Terre provides gift sets and gift boxes that are attractively tied with a beautiful handmade sinamay ribbon or raffia depending on your selection.   They would make a beautiful eco-friendly gift this holiday season!

“Whether working or playing we are committed to stepping lightly on our planet!” ~Belle Terre

Belle Terre

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