Big Dipper Wax Works: Season of Candles, Season of Light

We have entered into winter, the coldest and darkest season. Despite its darkness, it is a time of joy and a season of light that holds some of the warmest and brightest celebrations of the year. Candles are indispensable when it comes to these celebrations, creating a romantic ambiance, exposing the darkness, and illuminating the way of hope, faith, and warmth.

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For a beautiful, natural source of light, burn beeswax candles; they are a gift from nature that embodies a simple and healthy state of being.


One of the most dedicated producers of beeswax candles is Big Dipper Wax Works. Not only are they committed to providing a 100 percent natural product, using the purest ingredients, but they also offer an artistic selection of candles beautifully packaged in reusable containers, or post-consumer recycled paper products.

There are many benefits to burning Beeswax candles. One of the most interesting things about these candles is when you burn the beeswax, it releases negative ions, cleansing the air of pollutants and allergens. It has been said that negative ions can boost energy levels, relieves stress and may help protect against airborne germs.

Beeswax candles are known to be naturally dripless, smokeless, and have longer burn times, unlike candles made with paraffin (a petroleum by-product that is chemically bleached).  Burning paraffin actually pollutes the air we breathe by emitting black soot.   Usually, these paraffin candles are scented with a synthetic fragrance.

Big Dipper offers natural aromatherapy candles utilizing pure essential oils that are extracted from a wide assortment of plants .The aromatherapy candles create a therapeutic experience.  What a beautiful combination: the finest essentials oils combined with the purest beeswax. It has a long burn time, and my favorite part is that the golden flame inside produces a glow with the same energy and spectrum of the light of the sun!Pin It

The selection of candles is impressive, and the quality is superior. Big Dipper offers everything from Hand-Dipped Tapers, to Hand-Sculpted Candles, as well as everything from Beehive Glasses, to Eco-Friendly Dyes, Pillars, and  Aromatherapy collections. There is a special Holiday Aromatherapy Collection that comes in various gift sets and attractive containers.  A minimum of 10 percent of the net profits from the sale of their holiday candles will be donated to charities that support environmental conservation.

Light a beeswax candle, and take time to explore Big Dipper’s beautiful web-site, read about the company’s commitment to the environment and community, and purchase a healing, handcrafted gift from nature for yourself and loved ones.

Big Dipper Wax Works

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