Exceptional Benefits Of Organic Fabric In Your Home

Fabrics are all over your home.  We sleep on them, wear them, wash with them and even walk on them.  Going back to more natural, untreated and organic fabric in your home is a sure fire way to help the planet, not to mention create a healthier atmosphere in your home.

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Whether plant or animal-based, organic fabrics are grown or raised without the use of chemicals in any form.  No growth hormones, no pesticides or herbicides and no harmful preservatives or protective chemicals soaked in.  This means that none of those harmful toxins have an opportunity to absorb into your skin.

Organic cotton is a good example.  Often conventional cotton is coated in a formaldehyde finish, giving it strength and increased durability.  But that chemical is then in direct contact with your skin every day.  Your baby is wearing it and possibly chewing, sucking on or playing with his or her clothes all day as well.  With organic cotton you can rest easy knowing it is free of that process.

Organic fabrics like alpaca wool are extremely durable, allowing you to use and throw them in the laundry time after time without worry.  Much stronger than anything synthetic, alpaca wool feels luxurious and will keep you warm and cozy.

Eco wool is another organic fabric that’s very comfortable to wear and will fight off the cold of winter well.  Not hypoallergenic like alpaca wool is, eco wool is still an excellent choice for durability and comfort.

For household linen like towels and bed sheets, bamboo and other natural fibers are very much in style.  Available in all of the natural, earthy colors you love, this linen is biodegradable and grown from renewable resources that are organically grown and responsibly harvested.

Although not necessarily truly organic, vintage clothing is a great way to reuse and reduce waste, not to mention save some money.  By picking up vintage clothes and fabrics you are helping the planet in a big way and often finding one of a kind pieces for yourself.

The effort to choose organic more often is a surefire way to have more comfortable, healthier homes to live and raise our families in.  It’s wonderful to see more and more manufacturers and retailers recognize the value of organic fabric, both for the planet and for day to day living.

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