Exploring the World with Planet Earth

Expansive oceans, deep underground caves, and vast plains of ice all come together in one common place: Planet Earth, a series created by BBC and co-produced by the Discovery Channel. In its entirety, the series focuses on the different habitats, creatures, and interconnectedness of the world through 11 separate segments that are sure to please both adult and child alike.

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The BBC documentary was compiled after researchers and filmmakers spent a total of 2,000 days in the field. Living in the extreme habits they wished to capture, the filmmakers were exposed to some of the most vicious weather in the world, but at the same time, some of its most elusive creatures, awe-inspiring phenomenon, and breathtaking views.

The series was the first of its kind to be shot in such high definition. Prior to the documentary, HD film in the field had been largely untested and considered a risk. With technology advancing readily, however, BBC decided to use the impressive cinematography tools and share the first field test with the world. The cameras were so powerful that they enabled the team to film animals from helicopter; the zoom and steadiness was clear enough for crisp focus, and the distance was great enough so the animals couldn’t hear or be disturbed by the sound of the helicopter.

On top of groundbreaking filmmaking, BBC has also tipped their record on most expensive documentary. With the costs of traveling around the world, commissioning the use ofPin It the most powerful cameras, and hiring actress Sigourney Weaver for the voice over, the documentary’s tab came out as the companies top cost. Then again, audiences from over 130 countries have cherished the footage, learned from it, and brought it into their home for future viewing.

Planet Earth deserves recognition as the best environmental documentary of our time. It combines geographical fact with spellbinding cinematography – rather, it combines education with entertainment. Pole to pole, ocean to ocean, desert to mountaintop, this single 5-disk collection provides you and the family with hours of entertainment, fun, and learning.

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