Good for You Girls – Healthy Conscious Skin Care for Girls

I believe an important part of parenting is educating our children about the products they put on and in their body.  A highly influential time in a child’s life is when they are teens. At this age, they are bombarded with ads made by celebrities encouraging beauty products that are actually harmful to their skin and body.

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Providing a healthy alternative to mainstream “treatments”, Good for you Girls has introduced a skin care line that is made with the finest organic extracts and natural botanicals.  They have put together an informative site that you and your teen can use to educate yourself about “Good Ingredients” and “Ingredients to Avoid”.  By directing your teen to this fun site, they can be empowered to make educated decisions for themselves.

My teenage daughter was first to open the box, and her initial response was delight.  The packaging was cute and fun, and it contained a simple starter kit including a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.  Right away, I could tell she enjoyed the idea of having something that was just for her.  She immediately took her “little kit” and tried the products.  I was nervous; she has very sensitive skin and is prone to breakouts.

Despite my fears, I'm pleased to say she was thrilled with the products.

The face wash felt like it provided a deep, powerful cleansing, but without any irritation to the skin.  The toner was refreshing and soothing and the moisturizer was, as she put it, “the best moisturizer I have ever tried. My skin soaked it up without leaving an oily residue”.  The comment I most appreciated was that she recognized all the beneficial ingredients on the label.  ShePin It actually went to the site and searched “Good Ingredients” to learn about the healing properties of each ingredient.  This naturally led her to the “Ingredients to Avoid” list and she was shocked by what is allowed in our skin care products. That said, it became clear to me that this skin care can be an important tool in helping children become educated consumers.

This is an all around responsible company, from developing a product with all-natural ingredients and packaging that is environmentally conscious, to, most importantly, taking a step to empower and educate our youth about the dangers of chemicals and the types of ingredients others companies use.  Above all, this teaches them they have a choice.

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