Green Cleaning with Planet Inc

Green cleaning with Planet Inc

Green cleaning with Planet IncUnfortunately, one of the deadliest places in your home is right under the sink. Alkylphenolic compounds, phosphates, dyes, and fragrances linger in the majority of conventional household “cleaners”. Thankfully, however, there are alternative options to carpet-bombing your bathroom with chemicals. Companies like Planet Inc provide us with safe, effective, and eco-conscious tools in the fight against germs. They offer an outstanding line up of cleaners, and all fit right in with an organic, environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

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To begin, it’s first important to forget the stereotype of green cleaners being ineffective at their job. Too many people today hold the belief that if it is green, it is weak. Yes, to be frank, many “conventional” cleaners are effective at doing their job of killing germs; any reasonable person would concede to that. However, these cleaners are a double-edged sword. They sterilize the environment completely, but they leave behind dozens of other potentially hazardous chemicals.

The truth is, even if some green cleaning products aren’t as effective as conventional cleaners, Planet Inc has solved that problem.

Greening Your Cleaning

Planet Inc offers laundry washes, both liquid and powered detergents, dishwashing liquids, and a great all-purpose spray. Every product is hypoallergenic, 100 percent biodegradable, and not tested on animals. Planet Inc also offers delicate laundry wash for your silk, wool and cashmere, making this a great gift idea for any friends or family who may be into stitching or crocheting.

The power behind these products is amazing, cutting grease, removing stains, and blasting away grime, all while being friendly on the environment. That said, even if you regrettably stain your new Formalitee, you can still clean it up with Mother Nature in mind. It’s refreshing to know that cleanliness does not have to come at the price of a clean planet!

Proving Their Worth

Perhaps the best thing about Planet Inc is their certification by an independent and reputable third party. To ensure that all of their claims are valid, the Scientific Certification System tests and reviews their products. Planet Inc even offers a PDF of their SCS certification, solidifying the biodegradability of their products.

Furthermore, Plant Inc prides itself on not testing any products on animals. To the company, no animal should be subjected to testing for human products like cleaners. In that same spirit, none of their products include animal derived ingredients. Not only is this a testament to the commitment to their patrons, but it also is a testament to their ethics.

Going Green

Given the companies credentials, Organic Soul proudly applauds Planet Inc and its business practices. Their products are great for every part of your home – the kitchen, the laundry room, and the bathroom – and they express sincere commitment to moral business practice. Caring for the world, its people, its environment, and even its animals is truly a commendable deed. If you’re still not convinced, try replacing your favorite cleaner with a Planet Inc equivalent. As we hear, many people are pleasantly surprised.

Planet Inc – Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products that Work!

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