Festive Fall Home And Garden Tips

The changing of seasons can be a beautiful and humbling sight to see. The leaves begin to turn, the air grows crisp, and the forceful energy of summer starts to wan. While it may feel like you could use a break too, it’s the perfect time to undergo some changes both around the house and in the garden.

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Autumn represents different things to different people. Some see it as a time for reflection; the kids are out of the house and back to school, allowing a little more breathing room. To others, it means preparing for the holidays to come. And still to others, fall means football.

Whatever it means to you, here are some projects you can consider taking on with the changing season.

Home Improvement

While some may cringe at the thought, one option for your time in the late months is ‘Fall Cleaning’. True, many people will first associate this with spring cleaning, but I figure completely cleaning your house twice a year isn’t too out of the norm. With fall cleaning, you’ll have the chance to clear spots for the tree, or reposition that table for your big Thanksgiving meal.

As you reorganize your home, it could also be the time for some in-season decorating. Though we want to avoid having a house that looks like an ever-changing Pier 1 Imports, some festive glass vases filled with stones, pine cones, and/or branches can add a cozy look to your home. If centerpieces aren’t your thing, maybe fill a basket with dried corn and mini pumpkins and put it on your living room table. Also, don’t forget your mantel! Make your own garland and mini pumpkin arrangement for an in-season look!

Finally, with your floors sparkling and your house look like autumn, try making some of your own fall-scented potpourri. First, take any dried flower or leaf that you think might make a good potpourri ingredient. Next, make your own all-natural fragrance with your favorite oils. Finally, choose a good fixative (orris root, calamus root, or any other), drop your oils over the top, mix your flower and leafs in, and set out! Most mixes can take a few weeks to get perfect, so start now!

Re-Seasoning The Garden

Forgive the pun, but adding new spices and herbs to the garden is a great idea for fall. While it would be best to have gotten start a few weeks ago, now is not too late to add in new crops and the ever-necessary cover crops.Pin It

First, choose some winter, frost-proof vegetables. Depending on where you live, different types of broccoli, leafy lettuces, cabbage, and spinach may be the best bet given the how late in the season it is already. You can also plant some root crops like bunching onions and radishes. If you haven’t tried before, now is also the good time to plant garlic and snow peas!

Most importantly, for the idle portion of your garden, now is the time to plant cover crops. Cover crops are quickly growing green plants – alfalfa, white or purple clover, purple vetch, wheat, oats, and Fava beans among others – that can be tilled into the soil for spring. This is a great idea because it uses plant material as manure; these are often referred to as ‘green organic matter’ or ‘green manure’. Plants of the Legume family – i.e. Fava beans – can also add nitrogen to the soil. All this makes for a great spring harvest.

Take on some new projects, make your home festive, and prep your garden for a abundant winter! Happy Autumn!

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