J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care

It seems I’ve been continually searching for the perfect cleaning products for my home.  One that’s free of chemicals, uses environmentally friendly ingredients, does the job, and leaves a pleasant smell.

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Finally, I have found a company and product line that provides all that, J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care.

J.R. Watkins has been around since 1869.  They are “America’s Pioneer” in natural living; Watkins uses only quality, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable sources in their product lines.  They also avoid chemicals like parabens, sulfates and phthalates.  Their Natural Apothecary line is one of the few lines to be certified by the Natural Products Association.

The Watkins Company also practices “green” manufacturing by implementing processes that reduce waste and conserve energy such as gravity-fed biodegradable packing materials and recycling programs.

But, what really impressed me was their commitment to the community and organizations! They are one of the largest employers in Winona, Minn.  They have a commitment to “support educational, cultural and humanitarian efforts both nationally and locally”.  The list of organizations they support is impressive.

Now for efficacy of the products, I was thrilled with the results!  Not only did the Natural Home Care products deliver on the cleaning end, they also smelled good due to the lemon and lavender oils.  Not overpowering, not artificial, just pleasingly scented.  My favorites are the lemon scented products though the males in my household responded well to the Aloe and Green Tea scent.  I have yet to smell the lavender or the orange citrus.

Specifically, the Lemon All Purpose Wipes are so convenient for touch up in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you can imagine a need to wipe away dirt and grime.  They are durable and disposable (biodegradable) and have the light, fresh lemon scent.Pin It

I highly recommend the Natural Home Care Products from JR Watkins.  The label on their Natural Home Care line sums their products up well:

JR Watkins natural plant-based formulas are: Ammonia Free, Animal Testing Free, Anxiety Free, Bleach Free, Doubt Free, Dye Free, Guilt Free, Phosphate Free, Skepticism Free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free.”

When you purchase and use J.R. Watkins Home Care Products you are supporting a company that has a history of commitment to social responsibility, community involvement and support locally and nationally.  It is a company you can feel good about.

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