Jao Goe Oil – All Natural Bath & Body Oil

The best way to moisturize, in my humble opinion, is to apply an all natural oil after a bath or shower.  That way, skin stays moisturized and you’re not left with a sticky, greasy, coated feeling.  When the weather heats up, it’s always nice to use an oil that has a little tropical flair, something light, breezy, and floral. Goe Oil by Jao fits the bill nicely.Pin It

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Jao is the company known for its almost totally natural hand sanitizer.  I’m so glad they’ve branched out and created GOE (Garden Of Eden~ get it?!) Oil for us folks who like our skincare to be one hundred per cent natural.  Being that this product is all oils and butters, with no water added, there’s no need for any preservatives.

I really liked the metal-y tube with a flip top lid that this product comes in.  It makes it really convenient to keep in the shower, set on your sink, or pop in your handbag.  GOE Oil is made from an exhaustive list of over twenty different kinds of oils and butters, so the texture is more like that of frosting.

When you pipe it out it kind of changes from really firm in the cold weather, to a softer sort of a vibe in the heat.  The really nice thing about Goe is its scent, courtesy of Monoi de Tahiti, which is made by soaking frangipani flowers (a type of jasmine) in coconut oil.  The fresh, sweet aroma lingers on your skin for hours after you put it on.  GOE is really nice for hands as it isn’t at all greasy, and it’s great for putting in your hair before and after a blow out.

Go get you some GOE!

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