Make Your Own Natural Lavender Dryer Sachets

Dryer sheets can be expensive! They are only good for one load, and they can also be filled with chemicals and unnatural fragrances. Why would I want to infiltrate my clothes with chemicals my family is wearing all day? I decided it was high time to give them a toss into the trash instead of my dryer.

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My solution was to sew my own dryer sachets filled with fragrant, not to mention natural, lavender buds. They are oh-so-easy to make and can be reused over and over again, up to ten loads. Once they start to lose their fragrance, simply add a few drops of lavender essential oil on the sachet and you're good to go!

Below I have included my pattern for lavender sachets along with a few eco-friendly and sustainable tips for making this project fun and unique.


– Scissors
– Cardboard template
– Ruler
– Ballpoint pen or disappearing pen
– 100 percent Cotton Fabric
– Organic Lavender
– Needle and Thread (or sewing machine)

Pre-wash your fabric and iron. Measure and mark a 5-1/2”x5-1/2” square on a piece of cardboard. Using scissors, cut out your sachet template. Trace around your template onto the wrong side of the fabric. (You will need two fabric squares for your sachet, one for the front and one for the back.) Carefully cut along the traced lines. With right sides facing, sew along three sides of the squares staying about 1/4” from the edge, which is your seam allowance. Turn your sachet inside out and fill with lavender buds. Be careful not to make it too full because it will be hard to sew shut, especially on a sewing machine, but at the same time, don't be skimpy.

You want your sachet to look like a plump little pillow. Turn the raw edges down into the sachet and sew both sides together so you have a clean finished edge. I also like to sew around the outside perimeter, about 1/8” to 1/4” from the edge to give my sachet a finished look and to ensure that no buds escape in the dryer.


These sachets make excellent gifts. I like to give two or three together tied with a ribbon or raffia. I also like to include a little gift tag explaining how to use them. You could include a small vial of lavender essential oil to refresh the sachets after several uses.

Up-cycled Sachets:Pin It

There are other sustainable ways of up-cycling fabric for this project too. Go through your closet and find a few flannel shirts that are out of style or somewhat grungy and re-purpose them as fabric for your sachets. No one will know the difference and you'll be doing something good for the environment. You could also check out Goodwill and local yard sales for more material. Just keep your eye open for 100 percent cotton for its natural breath-ability, which will mean more aromatherapy for your clothes in the dryer!

Tip: I recommend using “extra lavender” which means that it is grayer than the blue and more expensive than “ultra lavender.” Extra is more cost effective, since no one will be seeing the color of the buds and they carry the same strong scent.

Lavender Flower Buds – 1/2 Pound Bulk

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