4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Planting A Fruit Tree

Vending machines – who needs ‘em? For millennia, nature has provided us with delectable, nutritious, and convenient treats, so it always behooves me as to why we are spending hundreds on metal boxes that usually only contain unhealthy foods. Not convinced? Here’s a list of why you should plant a fruit tree, nature’s favorite vending machine.

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For anyone who’s unfamiliar with fruit trees, there is a large variety to choose from, and it really depends on preference. That’s not to say you can choose whatever you’d like, though; remember, always be mindful of your climate! Some fruits, like apples, grow in every state, but this isn’t characteristic of every fruit.

1. Cut Costs On Junk Food

The first reason a fruit tree is a good investment is the savings you’ll see with food. No longer will you have the need to buy unhealthy snacks when you have a delicious fruit tree on hand. Maintenance for the fruit tree is critical, but the time and money it takes for startup are quickly offset by the money you’ll save once you stop buying potato chips, candy bars, and other snacks.

2. Cut Costs On Organic Fruit

Not only will you not have to buy junk food, but you also won’t have to buy any more organic fruit (at least of the variety planted). According to University of Illinois, “Apples harvested from an average tree can fill 20 boxes that weigh 42 pounds each.” That’s a lot of apples, and that’s a lot of savings, especially when organic food is slightly more expensive in some areas. And again, the cost of maintenance for the tree will be offset by the savings in food.

3. Your Own Organic Orchard

Tied to the reason above, another great benefit is that you’ll have your own organic orchard. Being your own farmer ensures that the growing practices you use are exactly the way you want them. You won’t need to worry about pesticides, unethical business practice, or price jumps. You’re in control of your own organic orchard!

4. Great For The Environment

Not only will you save money with a fruit true, but you will also be helping the environment by planting a tree. Tree bsreathe in carbon dioxide, filtering the air. In addition to that, tPin Ithe fruit that falls can be used in your compost pile, which can then be used in your organic garden or mixed in with soil around the tree. This enriches the soil, allowing new life to take root. EarthEasy alsopoints out the benefit of attracting pollinators to your garden – with a fruit tree, wildlife will be more apt to make a home, as well much-needed insects.

Where To Start?

Check out the fruit trees in your area or talk to a local grower for tips. Also, don’t feel like you need to start from the seed up. Choosing a tree that is already a year or so into growth can make the job a lot easier, but you need to be sure your transplant goes well!

Some things to consider: size, soil type around your home, type of pollination required, and length of harvest.

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